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April 11, 2018 | View PDF

Will Deschamps

Krautter is Best Choice for Representative

Dear Editor:

I am writing today to give my endorsement to Joel Krautter in his campaign for Representative of House District 35.

As a former Chairman of the Montana Republican Party, I've had the chance to get to know many past and current legislators and to identify rising individuals that will make a positive difference on public policy. Joel Krautter is such a rising individual, who is well regarded and respected by fellow Republicans and conservatives across Montana.

While Joel attended law school at the University of Montana with all of the rigors that come with such an undertaking, he still made time to stay involved in the political process, volunteering on many statewide campaigns for Republican candidates during the 2012 election.

Once Joel moved to Sidney after law school, he became involved in the Richland County Republican Central Committee, where he was nominated by former party chairman, Bill Rehbein, to be chairman, which Joel was elected to overwhelmingly.

Joel has discussed with me his campaign focus of wanting to bring problem-solving leadership to Helena that will prioritize the needs of Richland County. I agree with Joel that we need more legislators who are seeking to build bridges that will bring people together around legislation that is good for Montana, not burn bridges like too many legislators unfortunately do. Joel has the right attitude to be an effective representative in Helena.

Joel is thought of very highly by Republicans from across Montana and is someone whose leadership we need in the Montana legislature. I hope you'll get out and vote for him on June 5th in the Republican primary because quality common sense conservatives like Joel Krautter aren't always on the ballot.

Will Deschamps

Former Republican State Party Chair 2009-2015


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