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To The Citizens Of Richland County


April 18, 2018 | View PDF

Ref: Candidate for Richland County Attorney, Janet Christoffersen

I have been a law enforcement officer for 40 years with 37 of those years as a criminal investigator. I have served with the Montana Division of Criminal Investigation as a Narcotics Agent for 23 years, with the last 16 as a Supervisory Agent. In that capacity I supervise Agents and oversee investigations many of which take place in Richland County.

In order to investigate violations of various dangerous drug statutes we often time rely upon County Attorneys and their Deputies for legal advice, assistance in obtaining court orders and of course prosecuting the violators. Deputy County Attorney Janet Christoffersen has always been readily available often times late at night and on weekends, to provide legal guidance or assist in preparing Search Warrants and other court orders.

When in the course of presenting case files for prosecution in Richland County, Janet Christoffersen is my main point of contact with the Richland County Attorney’s Office. Mainly because I know Janet will immediately return my call or email with accurate and timely information. I have never received any direction on a legal issue from Janet that was not on point with case law.

I believe that the best choice for the next Richland County Attorney is Janet Christoffersen. She is a proven advocate for a better way of life for Richland County residents by aggressively prosecuting violators and yet recognizing that sometimes violators need a second chance to improve their lives. She is a kind, caring and knowledgeable attorney and I believe will serve you well as the Richland County Attorney. I know I have faith and confidence in her abilities.

Jeffrey E. Faycosh


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