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Brorson School Named To The National Renaissance Honor Roll


April 25, 2018 | View PDF

We are proud to announce that for the second year, we have been named to the National Renaissance Honor Roll for our achievements with Accelerated Reader.

Renaissance is a program used in schools for Reading and Math automaticity. The reading side has comprehension quizzes and school wide testing for leveled reading. The math side has practice activities, quizzes, and lessons as well as school wide testing.

In order to be named to the honor roll on the reading side like we were, 80% of the students in the school or class had to reach a goal of 85% or better on all of the reading quizzes that they take throughout the year.

We use Renaissance for math and reading on a daily basis. Whenever our students read a book, they take a comprehension test to test how well they understood and read the book. I work with our students to set goals for themselves with how well they want to do on the tests and how many points they want to earn. Each book and test has a designated amount of points and we have point clubs that our students move through, earning a small prize for each point club they reach.

Throughout this year, I participated in discussion topics, data check-ins and doing research on how to improve the implementation of the program. In April, we made the final data submission and Renaissance sent out notification on which teachers/school made the honor roll.

It is my goal for next year to not only make honor roll in Accelerated Reader but also in Accelerated Math program!


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