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Art Supplies For West Side School


Jenny Baker, a 3rd grade teacher of West Side School, sent an essay on wishing to purchase art supplies to the KTVQ news station out of Billings, and West Side school was chosen as one of the finalists for a chance to win up to $2,000 for their school project. The community can help achieve this goal by going online to vote for West Side School at every day up through May 15. Or if you prefer you can make a direct donation.

Jenny Baker’s essay is below:

I would like to purchase art supplies such as pottery materials: clay, tools and under glazes. This would help to add more depth into the 3rd grade art programming. Children need to have more meaningful opportunities to connect and express themselves artistically, and not just through paper.

This would be giving kids a chance to experience art way, as well as using concepts like architecture, symmetry and special design. Art not only encompasses the ability to create, it also helps with problem solving and spatial reasoning. I would love to really focus on the STEAM concepts every Friday. This would be used to help empower my students, using a hands-on method. There is so much out there in the world as far as art is concerned, I want to bring some of that here to our corner of Eastern Montana, where it is harder for students to have these experiences.


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