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Public Advisory: Sidney Roundabout Construction


April 30 update:

The construction of the roundabout at the intersection of Highway 16 and Highways 200/23 south of Sidney is again in progress.

The project and traffic flow will see significant changes in the following week to facilitate continued progress and completion of the project.

Be aware of the following changes:

1. Stop signs. All directions of travel will have stop signs within the construction area.

2. The roundabout will see partial use. Roundabout rules will prevail within the roundabout.

3. The detour will see partial use at the same time as partial use of the roundabout. There will be stop signs at the intersection.

4. Delays have been extremely limited during construction. Delays will occur now, however, delays will still be relatively low.


1. Be alert and watch for all traffic around you, particularly to stopped traffic.

2. Signs will be posted to assist proper traffic flow.

3. Be patient and respectful to others.

Construction of the roundabout will be ongoing with majority completed by end of June and project completion in August. Updates will be given of future traffic changes.

For additional information, please call 406-482-9875.


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