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Dear Editor,

One thing that is disappointing to me is when candidates campaign one way and then vote the opposite once they are elected. In Eastern Montana candidates like to campaign like a conservative Republican because they can't get elected if they admit they are a liberal. This is what concerns me about candidate for HD 35, Joel Krautter. He encouraged legislators to vote for the gas tax raise in 2017 (Sidney Herald March 15, 2017) and criticized those who did not vote for the bonding (infrastructure) bill, which requires more taxes to repay the loan. (Sidney Herald Jan. 16, 2016) But in the recent candidate forum put on by the Sidney Chamber he said "he believes in lowering taxes." (Sidney Herald May 6, 2018) So, which is it? You can't have it both ways.

People talk about compromise. We have a $10 Billion budget. Moderates seem to be compromising up toward $11 Billion. I would like to compromise back toward $9 Billion.

In talking with Tanya Rost, candidate for HD 35, I am convinced that she will vote like she campaigns. Her convictions tell me she will vote like a conservative. Please send a good conservative to the legislature by voting for Tanya Rost for HD 35.


Senator Steve Hinebauch

Wibaux, Mt


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