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Montana Public Service Commission District #1 will lose a valuable asset this year due to term limits. Travis Kavulla, Vice Chairman, (Rep) will be replaced after the November 2018 General election. Commissioners' on the PSC normally do not get a lot of press, but the positions are critically important for all citizens, especially those in rural areas. District #1 covers 19 north central and northeast counties. The PSC works with a professional staff of approximately 30 economists, engineers, attorneys, rate analysts, and others to regulate private investor-owned natural gas, electric, telephone, water and private sewer companies doing business in Montana. In addition the PSC regulates intrastate railroads and certain motor carriers hauling regulated commodities. The PSC oversees natural gas pipeline safety regulations. In my opinion, that is a lot of responsibility and we need a good man for the job.

We are fortunate to have a past Montana State Legislature who is a candidate for the job, Republican Randy Pinocci, Sun River Mt.

Randy has worked with the PSC while in Helena and is well versed in their responsibilities and duties and will be able to hit the ground running on day 1. A vote for Randy Pinocci is a vote for a true Republican who supports smaller government, less taxes and free enterprise. Don't forget to vote in the June Primary and the General election in November for Republican Randy Pinocci.


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