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I support Joel Krautter for House District 35 Representative.

Joel is one of my associates, a shareholder in my firm and a friend. He is the best candidate for HD 35. But who is Joel? He’s a compassionate, diligent, hardworking lawyer. He’s familiar with adversity. He’s a lawyer to call upon for all matter of representation: contracts, real estate, criminal defense and probate. Yes he defends persons charged with crimes. This is the area of the law where the defense attorney brings up constitutional protections from the overreaching actions of the State. Many of us think badly of criminal defense attorneys. But it is the defense council that protects us all under the constitution and bill of rights. Who else can check state action involved in unlawful stops, unlawful searches and seizures or improper use of evidence? Quite often we read in the news that wrongly convicted persons are released from prison. Joel is one lawyer that will step forward, make an argument and defend constitutional rights, even in the face of unpopular public opinion. He will protect our constitutional rights in the Montana legislature.

Joel is also good at resolving disputes. He has strong communication skills, listens carefully and finds common ground to reach results. He is being accused of abandoning conservative principals by running on a platform: “Common Sense Conservative, Problem – Solving Leadership”. I disagree his platform abandons these principals. His opponent appears to be running on a platform that doesn’t allow for compromise. This stance results in stagnation. There are many examples: – the US Congress cannot get to an agreement on immigration; – some state governments have been unable to address teacher pay for so long that they (Kentucky, Oklahoma, Arizona and Colorado) are facing a crisis. Joel has conservative convictions. However, he is willing to listen, find common ground and lead others in legislating. Joel is someone with and open mind I want representing me.

Please join me in voting for Joel Krautter on June 5, 2018.

Donald L. Netzer


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