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Fairview Scholarships


Fairview School presented scholarships to students last week. Ron Shaide Memorial Scholarship presented by Marty Shaide and Sharon Shaide, $1,000 to Amber Berry, Rex Reynolds, Bailee Vitt and Jae Kloker.

Band and Choir: John Philip Sousa Award: Tanner Poulsen; National Choral Award: Lexie Selting


JB Blake Memorial Scholarship: Adam Elletson

Fairview Endowment Scholarship: ($500) Lexie Selting, Tanner Poulsen; Adam Elletson; Jae Kloker.

Merchants Bank Scholarship: ($1,000) Jae Kloker; ($750) Rex Reynolds; Amber Berry.

Bud and Hennie Starr Foundation Scholarship: ($1,200) Jae Kloker; Adam Elletson

Barbie Kittleson Memorial Scholarship: ($1,000) Jae Kloker; Adam Elletson

Earl Reidle Memorial Scholarship: ($1,000) Rex Reynolds

Fairview Community Foundation Scholarship: ($500) Adam Elletson; Jae Kloker; Amber Berry; Lexie Selting

Larry Buxbaum Memorial Scholarship: ($1,000) Rex Reynolds; Adam Elletson

Ag Excellence Scholarship: ($500) Lexie Selting

Jason Cayko Memorial Scholarship: ($1,000) Rex Reynolds; Adam Elletson; Jae Kloker

Robert Arthaud/Don Burman Memorial Scholarship: ($350) Lexie Selting

Community Presbyterian Church Scholarship: ($1,000) Jae Kloker

Bob Candee Scholarship: ($500) Carly Candee; Kallie Candee

Ron Shaide Memorial Scholarship: ($1,000) Amber Berry, Rex Reynolds, Jae Kloker, Bailee Vitt

Jimmy Fugate Memorial scholarship: (($1,000) Rex Reynolds

Empty Saddle Memorial Scholarship-Hermanson: ($500) Jae Kloker

Dayton Scholarship: ($7,500) Lexie Selting

Svarre Scholarship: ($7,500) Adam Elletson

Richland County Rodeo Club: ($250) Carly Candee

Lori Reichenbach Memorial Scholarship: ($500) Adam Elletson

Evelyn Nevins Sorenson Memorial Scholarship: ($1,000) Adam Elletson

Robbie Lovegren Memorial / "F" Club Scholarship: ($600) Jae Kloker; Lexie Selting

Empty Saddle Memorial Scholarship: Presented by Tonya Garsjo, $500 to Jae Kloker.

Ashcraft Foundation Scholarship: ($1,000) Colton Schneider; Jae Kloker

Mid-Rivers Higher Education Scholarship: ($1,000) Adam Elletson

Sherry Arnold Memorial Scholarship: ($1,000) Jae Kloker

Pam and Leroy Unterseher Memorial Scholarship: ($??) Amber Berry

Henry Elm Scholarship: ($18,022) Jae Kloker

Rupert Rehberg Scholarship Fund: ($3,000) Amber Berry

Math Club Scholarship: ($300) Jae Kloker

Honor Society Scholarship ($500) Jae Kloker

MSU Bozeman Premier Scholarship: ($1,000) Amber Berry

MSU Billings MSUB Eastern Montana Yellowjacket Scholarship: ($500) Dalton Watson


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