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Kids To Parks Day Trivia: Answer Key


1. How many City park areas are in Sidney City limits? 23 (Veterans Memorial Park, Brattin Park, Lalonde Park, Johnson Park, Anderson Park, Wagon Wheel Park, Wilkinson Park, Moose Park, Svarre Swimming Pool, Lyndale Park, Carpenter Park, Peterson Park, Hansen Park, Arboretum Park, Kling Park, Truck Route Park, East Park, Nutter Park, North Park, Fischer Park, Sherry Arnold Fitness Trail, City Hall and Chamber of Commerce. Note: South Meadow Softball Complex is not a City park, although the City maintains the area, the property belongs to the South Meadow PUD.)

2. In total, how many acres of parkland does Sidney have? 53.99 (not including South Meadow)

3 There are many different common names for parks around town, but what are the official names of the following parks?

• The park at Central Ave. and 5th Street SW. (Across from Middle School) Veterans Memorial Park

• The park at 9th Ave. and 6th Street SE. Kling Park

• The park at 5th Ave. and 4th Street SE. East Park

• The park at 5th Ave. and 3rd Street NE. North Park

• The park at 9th Ave. and 9th Street SW. Carpenter Park

• The park at 12th Ave. and Holly Street NW. (Across from Main Stay Suites) Lalonde Park

• The park at 9th Ave. and 11th Street SW. (Next to the old Reynolds Market) Peterson Park

4. How many outdoor skating rinks are in our parks during the winter months when weather is permitting? 2 (East Park and Carpenter Park)

5. How many miles is the pedestrian trail that runs through town? 2.1 Miles

6. What is the official name of this pedestrian trail? Sherry Arnold Fitness Trail

7. How many parks have bathroom facilities? 6 total, (Veterans Memorial Park, East Park, North Park, Moose Park, Lyndale Park and Svarre Swimming Pool)

8. If you wanted to take a break from the sun while spending a day in the park, how many picnic shelters are in our park system? 5 total. Veterans Memorial Park (2), Svarre Swimming Pool (1), East Park (1), Lalonde Park (1)

9. To alleviate the amount of littering in our parks, how many trashcans are in our park system? (32) litter cans and (9) 300 gallon cans

10. To be responsible pet owners, what are the locations of the 6 dog pot stations the City Parks Department maintains? South Meadow Softball Complex, Veterans Memorial Park, and the Sherry Arnold Fitness Trail (Across from Sidney High School, Arboretum Park, across from Svarre Swimming Pool and the intersection of 14th Avenue and 5th Street SW)

11. Throughout the years how many of our parks have been modified to be handicap accessible? 10 (Veterans Memorial Park, Hansen Park, Johnson Park, Svarre Swimming Pool, East Park, Lalonde Park, Moose Park, Petersen Park, Arboretum Park and Sherry Arnold Fitness Trail)

12. In the past 6 years many of our parks have become the home to new trees. In that time, how many trees have been planted in our park system? 124

13. If you wanted to do an outdoor cookout, what parks have BBQ grills? 4 (East Park, Johnson Park, Lalonde Park and Peterson Park)

14. In 2017 the horseshoe pits were refurbished, which park contains the horseshoe pits? Veterans Memorial Park

15. If you wanted to enjoy a picnic in the park, how many picnic tables are in our park system? 42

16. How many park playgrounds have been replaced with new and improved equipment in the last 6 years? Note: there will be new playground equipment added to Kling Park in 2018! 2 (Lalonde Park and East Park)

17. Park Superintendent, Stephanie Ridl’s favorite color has been highlighted in each of these new playgrounds, what color is it? Chartreuse (lime green)

18. There are 7 parks that are within 1 block of the pedestrian trail, which parks are they? Veterans Memorial Park, Svarre Swimming Pool, Moose Park, Johnson Park, Arboretum Park, Hansen Park and Carpenter Park)

19. What is Sidney’s largest and smallest park? Anderson Park (6.44 Acres) and Truck Route Park (.06 Acres)

20. In the last three years Sidney has gained another park, which park is it? Anderson Park

Thanks for taking part in Kids to Parks Day!


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