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Patricia Lee and Bev Forthun hand out washable sanitary kits to this group of girls from a boarding school they visited on their trip. (Photo submitted by Patricia Lee)

Last April, from the 8th through the 19th, Bev Forthun and Patricia Lee of Williston went to Uganda with Pur International. Veronica Wertman, Kathy, and Randy Waitman went with them as well but they did not go through a church. A couple, Ricky and Becca Waitman, who are friends of Patricia operate Pur International and they organized the trip. It cost Bev and Patricia $3500 each for the trip. They had to save and do a little fundraising to reach their goal but both made it.

Bev Forthun and Patricia Lee with a sanitary kit like the ones they handed out in Africa. (Photo by Jaymi Loobey)

While there, the little group did many things. They distributed sewing kits and dresses they had made, helped out with a three-day free medical clinic, and even helped build an outdoor bathroom. The main purpose of the trip, however, was the sanitary kits. You see, in the remote villages of Uganda that Bev and Patricia visited things we take for granted in the states like sanitary napkins are few and far between. Plus, if a lucky villager were to find someone selling them they most likely would not be able to afford them. This caused a big problem because girls are not allowed to come to school in these villages if they are menstruating and do not have protection. Sanitary kits were Pur International's solution. The kits were made by a group of women using the pattern from "Days for Girls". They are two waterproof shields, eight pads to place in the shield as needed, one bar of soap, one washcloth, two pairs of underwear, a ziplock freezer gallon sized bag to wash the pads in, and a brightly colored carrying bag. Each kit lasts for three to five years if cared for properly. They distributed them to a Christian boarding school and helped teach the girls how to use and wash their kits. Everyone appreciated the work Bev, Patricia and the rest of the team did.

Pur International focuses on helping orphans and widowed families both in the USA and foreign countries. Currently, their focus is in Uganda. When asked if they would return to Africa with Pur International Bev said she is uncertain but Patricia said she plans to. She loved the trip and the people. She said, "My favorite part was just interacting with the people and seeing how grateful and receptive they are to us."


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