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Randy Pinocci is the top choice to be our Public Service Commissioner in District 1.

This district represents 19 counties, from Cascade county north to the Canadian border then east to North Dakota. Randy Pinocci is the only candidate with experience working with the Public Service Commission. Pinocci served on the House Federal Regulation, Energy and Telecommunications Committee during the 2015 session. During this time, Pinocci worked with Travis Kavulla, our current PSC Commissioner, on issues affecting Montana ratepayers. Pinocci’s opponent, Cook, has a voting record in direct opposition to the Montana Republican Party platform, and the conservative values for which the Republican Party stands. One of the worst, unconstitutional bills past in Montana’s history is the Confederated Salish Kootenai Tribe Water Compact. This bill gives the CSKT United unprecedented “off reservation” water rights, costing the Montana citizens their “State-owned” water rights, as well as costing taxpayers $55 million in State money and $2.3 billion in federal dollars. How did this disastrous bill pass the Montanan Legislature? Because 11 “Republicans” in the house, led by Rob Cook, abandon all other Republicans and voted with the Democrats. Most Montana voters have no idea that this bill became law and will increase tax rates for all Montanans in order to pay for this abomination.

Cook has the lowest Montana Family Foundation score of any Republican serving in the Montana house while, at the same time, having one of the poorest Second Amendment voting records among Republicans. In this PSC race you have a choice that is A-rated with the Montana Family Foundation, the NRA and the Montana Shooting Sports Association, while maintaining the highest conservative voting record in Cascade County’s history. If Republican Party platform values are important to you, Randy Pinocci is the clear choice in the Public Service Commission race. If you’re voting absentee ballot, you’ve most likely received yours. If you’re voting at the polls on June 5, or by absente ballot, be sure to vote Randy Pinocci for PSC District 1.

Tom Martin, Great Falls, MT


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