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Bodmer Overlook Hiking Trail Closure

Temporary closure of trail to aid prairie restoration project at site


Fort Union Trading Post announces that the Bodmer Overlook will be closed from June 1-10, 2018. This closure is due to an experimental animal based treatment of non-native vegetation within the Overlook boundaries.

Approximately 50 cattle will be held in the Overlook to graze the non-native vegetation, primarily Smooth Brome and Crested Wheatgrass. These two grass species are the first to “green-up” and will be preferred by the cattle grazing the site.

The grazing will be monitored closely to ensure that the overall grazing of the Overlook area will not harm the native plants. Once the grazing objective have been met the Overlook will be re-opened, likely prior to June 10.

Fort Union Trading Post’s Visitor Center, reconstructed fort, and river trail will remain open and are not impacted by this closure. Beginning May 27th Fort Union Trading Post will operate on summer hours, 8:00am - 6:30pm CDT.


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