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MSU Spring Wheat Breeding Program to be Discussed at Sidney Field Day


Dr. Luther Talbert

Dr. Luther Talbert, Montana State University (MSU) wheat breeder/researcher, will be discussing spring wheat breeding challenges and opportunities at the EARC/MSU Extension Field Day on Tuesday, July 17th. "I will talk about developing spring wheat varieties for Montana, especially as related to climate challenges we will continue to face," said Talbert.

The MSU spring wheat-breeding program has developed several varieties that are widely grown in Montana such as Vida, Duclair, and Lanning. "Lanning has had high yield potential under hot dry summer conditions, and has stronger gluten than the popular variety, Vida," said Talbert. Vida is a high yielding hard red spring wheat that was released in 2005 by MSU. It shows high yield potential and good milling and baking quality. Vida is one of the top-selling spring wheat varieties in Montana. Vida shows moderate resistance to leaf & stripe rust. Duclair is derived from a cross of Choteau//Reeder/Scholar varieties. Duclair is a solid stem semidwarf hard red spring wheat with white awns and glumes. "Vida has been the most widely grown variety in the state for the past several years, and Duclair is the most widely grown solid-stemmed variety. Solid stems are used for wheat stem sawfly resistance," explained Talbert.

The primary goal for the program is to provide new varieties with high yield, resistance to prevalent pests (such as the wheat stem sawfly), and high-end use quality.

Dr. Talbert noted that this is an important topic because new varieties with resistance to common insects and pests that have adapted to our climate will help ensure sustainability of wheat production in Montana.


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