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38th Annual MSU-EARC/Extension Field Day Highlights


August 1, 2018 | View PDF

Pictured is MSU-EARC research agronomist Dr. Chengi Chen presenting a new study on irrigated mung bean and adzuki bean as alternative to soybeans for the Chinese market. Chen is holding moon cake made from the adzuki bean. The mung bean is starch for noodles.

The MSU-EARC/Extension 38th Annual Field Day was held on July 17 in Sidney. Eastern Ag Research and Northern Plains Research Laboratory scientists presented their latest research and findings for producers of grains, pulse crops and sugar beets. For more on the field day and Ag research important to local producers see future editions of the monthly Ag Roundup publication.

Dr. Chengci Chen compares no-till and strip-till soil samples for soil crusting, acidification, organic matter degradation issues and potential benefits of no-till sugarbeets.


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