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Fried food, carnival rides, hitting up parents for money to blow on the carnival games, all the wonderful food, rodeo concert and all the people milling about in the beer gardens. When it comes to fair this year, don’t forget to talk to your kids about the dangers of drunk drivers.

During fair most people are good about having a designated driver or taking the Sidney Shuttle and advantage of the DUI Taskforce’s free Sidney Shuttle rides but there is still a good chance that people won’t be making any of those decisions. There is always a danger of people driving under the influence of alcohol but it is especially important to pay attention to the events that are going on around town that might influence who is driving and in what shape they are in.

It is important to talk with your kids about proper safety when in a high traffic public place. Fair is a busy time and brings lots of new people to our area. Remind your kids about the dangers of strangers and to never get in a vehicle with someone they don’t know and to try and avoid situations that might make them uncomfortable and could potentially be unsafe. The importance of understanding boundaries and personal space is an important safety topic for events that get as busy as the fairgrounds are.

Remind your kids today about the dangers of underage drinking, proper safety in crowds and to be cautious of other drivers. There are always sheriff’s deputies as well as our ambulance crews and volunteer firemen to help keep the area safe and fun for all those who attend. Talk with your child about whom to turn to if they get lost or are feeling unsafe in a situation, remind them to find the nearest Deputy or the Fair Office for Assistance. For more information, a feel free to call District II Alcohol & Drug Program at 433-4097. Have a fun and safe fair week!


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