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Begger's Diamond V Ranch Production Sale Set for Wednesday, February 6th


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Bill and Darlene Beggar

On a ranch tucked in the rolling hills of Eastern Montana south of the small town of Wibaux, MT, sits a seed stock ranch that produces cattle that are designed to work for every segment of the industry.

Begger's Diamond V Ranch began raising seed stock black Simmental, Angus, and Sim-Angus cattle in 1974, with over 43 annual bull sales, and over four decades of selection criteria that has always been focused on the success of the commercial cattle industry. You can be assured that the breeding program you will find is well polished and focused on the economical traits that will keep you afloat in the tough times.

Since the Begger family entered the seedstock business, they set high standards and goals that were focused on industry and customer needs. When you visit this outfit, you will be greeted by four generations of cattlemen that are the day to day operators. The Begger's Diamond V Ranch crew today is run by brothers Bob and Bill, along with Bill's son John, and their wives Virginia, Darlene and Alicia. John and Alicia's twin daughters, along with their son Harrison, make up the 4th generation.

The breeding program is well thought out and focused on the commercial cattlemen and women, they have realized that their success hinges on the profitability of their customers.

The cattlemen that sell their cattle by the pound need to raise cattle that are efficient and practical. These cattle must have eye appeal, have that easy fleshing low maintenance body type that can endure the harsh weather conditions that they are raised in. These cattle are moderate framed big volume cattle that calve easily. They are all solid black colored and polled. A big emphasis is put on udder quality and the ability to raise a high percentage of their body weight. These cows must breed back on time and wean a heavy calf. If not, she is culled, no exceptions. Another high emphasis is put on disposition. If they are nervous or wild mannered, they will be culled with no excuses.

The focus at Begger's Diamond V Ranch has not wavered; they know cattlemen and women that make their living by selling cattle by the pound must produce efficient, practical cattle that can survive with as little extra inputs as possible. Cattle that need pampering won't work at Begger's Diamond V Ranch; they are consistently working to make their worst cow as productive as their best. When you first step into a pen or pasture you will notice how uniform and well balanced these cattle are; you won't find any cow on the ranch that won't produce a top weaning and performing calf. If one happens to slip behind, that cow will not calve again on the ranch.

There is a lot of emphasis put on EPDs, genomic testing, and carcass merit. This past year Begger's Diamond V Ranch collected DNA on every female in production, cows, yearlings, and replacement heifer calves. Over 800 head were DNA collected and tested for carcass, parentage, color coat, homozygous for black, and any genetic defects that may have been present. This was done voluntarily and submitted to the American Simmental Association, and was included in the total herd DNA Roundup to enhance accuracy in EPD profiles. This project was very time consuming and costly, but it insures the genetic accuracy on every animal in their herd. This is just one way that Begger's Diamond V Ranch has committed to insure each and every animal they offer is a superior breeding piece. With all this being said, Begger's Diamond V Ranch still realize that this project is only one piece of the puzzle and they know that a common-sense approach to raising cattle that works for the cow/calf man is very important. They feel that the cow/calf man comes first, and traits that affect their bottom line will always be given first priority.

John, Alicia, Charlotte, Harrison, and Magdalene Begger.

The cowherd is split into two calving seasons, 400 calve in the spring, and another 200 calve in the fall. Out of this, the top 80 fall bulls, and 130 spring bulls will be put on the test, and out of them, the top 150 bulls are marketed in the production sale Wednesday, February 6th at their annual production sale right on the ranch.

After the sale, they will winter the bulls free of charge until April 1; then they will be semen tested and delivered to their buyer free of charge. The service doesn't end there, because unlike many breeders, they offer a full purchase price warranty, no ½ price stuff here. They treat you like they want to be treated, if you have a problem, they will take care of it.

For more information call Bill at 406-796-2326, or John at 406-795-9914, or email them at [email protected], or check out their Facebook page. Watch for sale info at Sale catalogs and a video will be available about mid-January.


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