The Early Morning Red Angus Ranch Will be Marketing Bulls & Heifers March 6th


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The Early Morning Red Angus Ranch, located twelve miles south of Tioga, ND, will be marketing 32 yearling Red Angus bulls, eight two-year old bulls, and yearling Red Angus heifers at Sitting Bull in Williston, ND Wednesday, March 6th, at 1:00 pm central time. Owner and operator Carl Frisinger bought the ranch in 1965; having grown up in a ranching family, Frisinger grew up raising Herefords. However, when they became hard to sell, he bought six Red Angus Cows from the Leland Drought Reduction Sale and started marketing Red Angus cattle in 1984 using Leland Red Angus bulls and Amber Light Red Angus bulls.

The cows begin calving on their own in the hills in April and May and the calves are range-raised on the 2,050-acre ranch and the additional 5,000 acres Frisinger leases from a neighbor. November first, the calves are weaned and moved to the Sheldon Brothers Feedlot. “The Northwest Veterinary Clinic in Powers Lake makes sure they’re all healthy. The quality of the cattle is second to none,” he added.

Those interested are welcome to view the bulls at Sheldon Brothers Feedlot in Ray, ND. For more information, call 701-664-2668.


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