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Winter Light Up All Wrapped Up


January 9, 2019 | View PDF

After a festive and fun holiday season, many families are taking time to put away their holiday decorations. Before every twinkling light and wreath of holly are stored until next holiday season, the Communities in Action Corps members would like to recognize the winners of the first Winter Light Up contest. Communities in Action works to better the quality of life in Richland County through partnerships and programming that meet the diverse needs of the community. The goal of this contest was to provide an opportunity for community connection and we were blown away by the participation and excitement in the Sidney community.

First, we’d like to thank the sponsors of this year’s contest. Many thanks to Reynold’s, Oneok, Johnson Hardware, and High Caliber Sports. Without their support, the contest would not have been possible. And thank you to the nearly two dozen participants that entered their homes in the contest. We are so grateful that you shared your hard work and festive creativity with the community.

The three categories for the contest were “Brightest,” “Most Creative,” and “Fan Favorite.” The Communities in Action Corps members judged the “Brightest” and “Most Creative” categories based on criteria such as total coverage of lights, street appeal, theme, etc. The winners of the “Brightest” winter lights were Larry and Shannon Mindt. In a close second was Jan Getchell. Those homes really lit up the sky this holiday season.

The winners of the “Most Creative” winter lights were Elmer and JoAnne Christensen with Gary Bahr coming in as runner up. The decorations at these homes were quite unique and great examples of holiday spirit.

And finally, the “Fan Favorite” winner awarded by members of the Sidney community was Mike Pierce with an impressive display of giant blow up holiday characters. We Communities in Action Corps members hope that you enjoyed marvelling at the various homes and businesses in Sidney that brightened up the community with their holiday spirit, because we sure did.


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