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Badlands Gymnastics Results Julie Ziegler Memorial 2019 January 12-13


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Badlands Gymnastics is off and running for 2019, competing five different gymnastics levels and coming home with two team trophies from the 2019 Julie Ziegler Memorial gymnastics competition held in Bismarck, ND.

Level 3 Team Results: 1st Gymagic Gymnastics (Minot) 111.050; 2nd Bismarck Gymnastics Academy 109.750; 3rd Red River Valley Athletics 109.100; 4th Badlands Gymnastics Club 206.450; 5th Dakota Star Gymnastics (Mandan) 104.300; 6th Western Star Gymnastics (Williston) 103.650; 7th Jamestown Gymnastics Club 102.650; 8th James River Gymnastics 101.600; 9th Dickinson Gymnastics Club 101.200; 10th Valley Twisters Gymnastics 57.250

Badlands Level 3 Top Ten Results: Badlands Amelia Wisness grabbed the 1st place All Around title out of 78 competitors. The Level 3 team took home the 4th place team trophy. Amelia Wisness: 2nd Bars 9.350; 5th Beam 9.200; 2nd Floor 9.200; 1st All Around (AA) 36.850

Also competing: Skye Cutshall; Bayley Brooks; Fallon Sampsel; Navy Barker, Mackenzie Goguen, Aurora Holt, and Lenora Arnold.

Level 4 Team Results: 1st Gymagic Gymnastics (Minot) 107.200; 2nd Bismarck Gymnastics Academy 106.700; 3rd Red River Valley Athletics 104.950; 4th Jamestown Gymnastics Club 104.950; 5th Badlands Gymnastics Club 104.100; 6th Dickinson 100.100; 7th Western Star Gymnastics 62.850; 7th Sidney Gymnastics Club 29.900

Badlands Level 4 Top Ten Results: 45 Level 4 athletes were at the Julie Ziegler.Annabelle Coughlin: 7th Bars 9.05; 2nd Beam 9.300; 7th AA 35.100; Addy Gendreau: 9th Vault 8.500; 9th Beam 8.900; 10th AA 34.350; Kaitlyn Osborn: 10th Vault 8.500;Averi Riedel: 5th Vault 8.800. Also Competing: Hailey Getchell, Lyrik Olson.

Level 5 Team Results: With two full teams (3 athletes) vying for the 1st place Team Award, Badlands came out on top defeating the second place Jamestown team by a whopping 10 points. 1st Badlands 101.300; 2nd Jamestown 91.825; 3rd Gymagic 70.825; 4th Dickinson 64.375; 5th Red River Valley 32.875; 6th Bismarck 32.175.

Badlands Level 5 Top Ten Results: 12 Level 5 athletes were at the Julie Ziegler. Emma Coughlin: 4th Vault 8.550; 4th Bars 8.500; 4th Beam 8.475; 4th Floor 8.825; 3rd AA 34.350; Eastyn Wold: 6th Vault 8.300; 8th Bars 8.025; 6th Beam 8.325; 1st Floor 9.225; 5th AA 33.875; Caroline Dreffs: 9th Vault 7.850; 6th Bars 8.300; 2nd Beam 8.725; 9th Floor 8.200 7th AA 33.075.

Badlands Level 6 Top Ten Results: 22 Athletes competed at Level 6. Avery Barker: Junior Division: 9th Vault 7.500; 8th Bars 7.750; 8th Beam 8.075; 6th Floor 8.650; 9th AA 31.975.

Badlands Level 7 Top Ten Results: 11 Athletes competed at Level 7. Halle Opsal: 6th Vault 8.650; 7th Bars 8.525; 1st Balance Beam 9.150; 7th Floor 8.850; 3rd AA 35.175.


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