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Sidney Wrestling Club Tournament, Great Falls, Choteau, February 15

The Sidney Wrestling club had several tournaments this past weekend. Jr high teams traveled to Great Falls, Choteau and Butte.

Great Falls Dual Friday night Eagle Force wrestled Great Falls East. The match ended in a tie at 54. Eagle force won by pinning decision.

Delta force team wrestled against North Middle School, Great Falls. Delta Force defeated them 54-22.

Choteau Results: Choteau Dual Tournament (Junior High Traveling Team) Eagle Force and Delta Force Round 1: Eagle Force over Broadwater - Townsend 87-30 Delta Force over Havre 84-24

Round 2: Eagle Force over Fairfield / Simms 88-20 Delta Force over Ft. Benton 63-46

Round 3: Eagle Force over Shelby/Valier 77-39 Delta Force over Choteau 81-18

Round 4: Eagle Force over Darkhorse 50-48 Delta Force over Great Falls East 57-43

Round 5: Eagle Force over Delta Force 55-36

Eagle Force are the Tournament Champions!!

Poplar Folkstyle Invitational Tournament Results for Sidney Wrestling Club, Poplar, MT, February 16

Tot 36-37: Slade Anderson, 1st place.

Tot 37-38: Jorgen Trudell, 3rd place.

Tot 38-39: Billy Franzen, 1st place.

Tot 39-41: Ayden Schofill, 3rd place.

Tot 40-43: Raiden Olmstead, 2nd place.

Tot 44-46: Tj Ostle, 2nd place.

Tot 46-49: Gannon Hill, 3rd place.

Tot 46-49: Bentley Jones, 4th place.

Tot 50-52: Ryker Vonderheide, 5th place.

Tot 50-52: Ryker Heckler, 3rd place.

Bantam 37-38: Oaklee Lonski, 1st place.

Bantam 44-47: Flint Solem, 3rd place.

Bantam 45-51: Eli Abar, 3rd place.

Bantam 47-51: Graeden Trudell, 1st place.

Bantam 51-52: Landon Frank, 5th place.

Bantam 53-55 A: Toby Kleinke, 2nd place.

Bantam 54-56: Cye Franzen, 1st place.

Bantam 56-59: Max Kleinke, 1st place.

Bantam 57-60: Hatch Wills, 5th place.

Bantam 58-62: Eva Peterson, 3rd place.

Bantam 85-89: Konnar Ulrich, 4th place.

Bantam 105-114: Jeremiah Hill, 1st place.

Midget 47-50: Percy Iversen, 4th place.

Midget 53-56: Eli Lonski, 1st place.

Midget 55-58: Hazen Foss, 2nd place.

Midget 56-58: Noah Abar, 3rd place.

Midget 58-62: Tripp Heggem, 4th place.

Midget 59-64: Kade Kutzler, 3rd place.

Midget 62-63: Danny Carlsen, 4th place.

Midget 66-72: Kayson Clifton, 5th place.

Midget 67-70: Kash Mullin, 1st place.

Midget 72-77: Allen VanGorder, 3rd place.

Midget 74-81: Aiden Rudie, 5th place.

Midget 79-83: Shay Severson, 3rd place.

Midget 80-86: Aaron Schmitz, 2nd place.

Midget 80-86: Kirby Izler, 3rd place.

Midget 87-89: Terren Bright, 2nd place.

Midget 92-101: Ian Orozco, 3rd place.

Midget 92-101: TayLeigh Olmstead, 5th place.

Novice 51-53: Rylan McGahan, 2nd place.

Novice 58-63: Carson Propp, 3rd place.

Novice 70-77: Grady Bloesser, 3rd place.

Novice 78-82: Brandon Vonderheide, 5th place.

Novice 80-85: Brody Keysor, 3rd place.

Novice 83-86: Parker Wunder, 3rd place.

Novice 92-97: Ty Schepens, 2nd place.

Novice 111-122: Koltyn Mullin, 2nd place.

Cyclops Results For Sidney Wrestling Club, Butte, MT, Feb. 17

Girls Bantam 62: Amariah Kirn, 2nd place, 7.0 team points.

Novice 63: Tyson Syth 6th place, 1.0 team points.

Novice 70: Brenner Mullin, 5th pace.

Novice 78: Clayton VanGorder, 6th place..

Novice 86: Ryker Wise, 2nd place.

Novice 117: Aiyana Kirn 6th place.

Novice 160: Kaleb Kutzler, 3rd place.

Girls Novice 108-117: Aiyana Kirn, 2nd place.

Schoolboy 77: Reece Graves 3rd place.

Schoolboy 90: Brandon Pederson, 5th place.

Schoolboy 102: Amaiya Kirn, 4th place.

Schoolboy 106: Zander Dean, 4th place.

Schoolboy 136: Deion Taylor, 5th place.

Schoolboy 250: Caleb Kleinke, 3rd place.

Schoolgirl 102: Amaiya Kirn, 1st place.

Cadet 94: Kaden Wise, 1st place.

Cadet 106: Owen Lonski, 3rd place.

Cadet 160: Nathan Romo, 4th place.


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