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Hertz Appoints Krautter To State Workforce Innovation Board


Speaker of the Montana House of Representatives, Greg Hertz (R-Polson) has appointed Sidney’s Representative Joel Krautter to the State Workforce Innovation Board (SWIB). Members of the board include representatives of Montana’s business, labor, education and workforce community, as well as select elected officials. Krautter will be the sole member representing the House of Representatives on the board.

Krautter is excited about the opportunity, given his focus in the 66th Montana legislature on Montana’s workforce challenges, especially in rural areas. Krautter sponsored HB 405, the Catch and Keep Montana’s Treasure Act, to help employers in rural areas with recruitment and retention of skilled workers and college graduates. The bill passed through the House of Representatives with strong bipartisan support before being tabled in the Senate Finance and Claims Committee after failing to pass by a single vote. “Montana’s workforce challenges will not be going away anytime soon, so I appreciate the opportunity to continue to discuss what strategies we can pursue to ensure a stronger workforce throughout the state, promoting more economic growth and prosperity for all of Montana,” Krautter said.

“Workforce recruitment and retention are top challenges for Montana businesses,” said Bridger Mahlum, Government Relations Director of the Montana Chamber of Commerce. “The business community is pleased to see Rep. Krautter appointed to the SWIB, as he has demonstrated leadership on this important issue during his first legislative session.”

Representative Eric Moore (R-Miles City) also echoed Mahlum’s thoughts on the appointment, “Representative Krautter was a strong voice for eastern Montana communities at the legislature this session, especially on workforce issues. It will be good to have him on this board to continue an important conversation.”


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