2018-2019 Fairview High School Scholarship Recipients


Carson Cayko, right, received $7,500 Svarre Foundation Scholarship (photos submitted by Dennis Arnold).

Trig Star Scholarship $150: Gerit Johnson

Math Club Scholarship $300 each: Gerit Johnson; Bryce Neu.

Honor Society Scholarship $500: Jaycie Rau; Emily Axtman.

Fairview Endowment Scholarship $ 250 each: Emily Axtman; Carson Cayko; Matthew Hurley; Gerit Johnson; Bryce Neu; Jaycie Rau; Bailey Seader; Alex Young.

Merchants Bank Scholarship $500 each: Emily Axtman, Bryce Neu, Bailey Seader and Alex Young.

Bud and Hennie Starr Foundation Scholarship $1200 each: Emily Axtman, Gerit Johnson, Bryce Neu and Jaycie Rau.

McKenzie Electric Cooperative Scholarship $500: Jaycie Rau.

Barbie Kittleson Memorial Scholarship $1000 each: Matthew Hurley and Gerit Johnson.

Earl Reidle Memorial Scholarship $1000: Alex Young.

Fairview Community Foundation Scholarship $500 each: Emily Axtman; Jaycie Rau; Bryce Neu; Austin Singer.

Swigart Memorial Scholarship (Montana 4-H Council) $ 500: Alex Young.

Kelby Intergard Memorial Scholarship $250: Alex Young.

Larry Buxbaum Memorial Scholarship $1000: Jaycie Rau.

Jason Cayko Memorial Scholarship $1000 each: Bryce Neu; Alex Young; Gerit Johnson.

Job Service Employer Committee Scholarship $500: Austin Calvert.

Robert Authaud/Don Burman Memorial Scholarship $350: Bailey Seader.

Knights of Columbus Scholarship $1000: Carson Cayko.

Northeast Montana Threshers & Antique Association Scholarship $1000 each: Emily Axtman; Alex Young.

Community Presbyterian Church Scholarship $1000 each: Jaycie Rau; Gerit Johnson; Emily Axtman.

Ron Shaide Memorial Scholarship $1000 each: Emily Axtman; Alex Young.

Jimmy Fugate Memorial Scholarship $1000: Alex Young.

Empty Saddle Memorial Scholarship $1000 each: Bryce Neu; Kellie Hanson; Jaycie Rau.

Richland County Rodeo Club $ 750: Jaycie Rau.

Evelyn Nevins Sorenson Memorial Scholarship $1000: Matthew Hurley.

Robbie Lovegren Memorial /"F" Club Scholarship $500 each: Carson Cayko; Emily Axtman.

Ashcraft Foundation Scholarship $1000: Alex Young.

Mid-Rivers Higher Education Scholarship $1000 each: Jaycie Rau; Emily Axtman.

Jade Hillesland Memorial Scholarship $500: Alex Young.

Montana FFA Foundation Lars Ronning Scholarship $500: Jaycie Rau.

FFA Dealership Scholarships $1000 each: Ford: Jaycie Rau; Dodge: Blake Patten; Chevy: Alex Young.

June and Ted Sullivan Family Foundation Scholarship $1000 each: Matthew Hurley; Bryce Neu; Alex Young

Pam and Leroy Unterseher Memorial Scholarship $500: Bailey Seader.

Henry Elm Scholarship $16,988 each: Jaycie Rau; Emily Axtmen.

Svarre Foundation Scholarship $7500: Carson Cayko.

Rupert Rehberg Scholarship Fund $4000 Each: Carson Cayko; Jaycie Rau.

MSUB Easter Montana Yellowjacket Scholarship $500: Austin Calvert.

MSUB Yellowjacket Excellence Scholarship $250: Austin Calvert.

Thomas D. Campbell Memorial Scholarship $1000: Alex Young.

Jacket Nation Scholarship $1000: Jaycie Rau.

Buzz Bonus Scholarship $2000: Jaycie Rau.

Rodeo Scholarship $2000: Jaycie Rau.

Presidential Medallion Scholarship $6000: Jaycie Rau.

Eastern Star Hawley Memorial Scholarship $500: Jaycie Rau.

Total amount of scholarship money given out on this day: $107,827.

Blake Patton, right, received the $1,000 FFA Dealership Scholarship (Ram).


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