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Northeastern Arts Network Presents Creole Music, November 7, Sidney


October 30, 2019 | View PDF

The Northeastern Arts Network presents the Dennis Stroughmatt et L’Esprit Creole Trio on November 7. Passionate ambassadors of Creole music and traditions, expanding interest and excitement in a region that has been ignored by the history books. This medley of music, language, stories, and culture secreted away in the Missouri and southern Illinois Ozarks now has a voice in the tapestry of this world. With the blessing of the Creole people of the Midwest, Dennis Stroughmatt et l’Esprit Creole work to expand interest and excitement in a region that has been, in many ways, forgotten by the march of time. Through the work of Dennis Stroughmatt et L’Esprit Creole, the music and culture of “Old Upper Louisiana” is in good hands. It’ll make your soul jump, your head spin, and your heart glad to know that it is still here.

Originally from southeastern Illinois, Dennis Stroughmatt was taught to play fiddle by Missouri Creole fiddlers Roy Boyer and Charlie Pashia in the tradition of their fathers. He became an adopted son of the French Midwest Creoles who settled near St Louis, playing at weekly house parties or “bouillons.” As a result of physical journeys that also included French studies in Louisiana and Quebec, Dennis finds himself in a unique position as one who can speak knowledgeably and play in a variety of French styles.

Through performances at The Smithsonian, The Library of Congress, The Kennedy Center, Festivals Acadiens, The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival and appearances on NPR, PBS and RFDtv, Dennis Stroughmatt along with L’Esprit Creole have been honored to perform for audiences of thousands.

This performance will be held at the MonDak Heritage Center at 7 p.m. Tickets can also be purchased at the door $15/Adults, $13/Sr. and $10/students. For additional concert information contact Candy Markwald 406-488-4155, Jill Hill 406-489-4304 or Leann Pelvit at 433-3500.

The Big Sky Series is made possible in part by the Montana Performing Arts Consortium Presenter Development Program, which is supported by grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, Montana Arts Council, legislative grant from Montana’s Cultural Trust, and WESTAF.


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