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The BGC MonDak's New Mentorship Program

This article was written in cooperation between the Boys & Girls Club of the MonDak and the Partnership for Promise action group.


November 20, 2019 | View PDF

Nationwide, The Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) implement a mentorship program for youth of all ages to improve their development and skillsets, as well as to improve the lives of those in more at-risk areas. The program is funded by grants from the BGCA federal grants department and is overseen by the Office of Justice Programs (OJP). This same program will be returning here at The Boys & Girls Club in Sidney. BGC MonDak started the program back in 2017 but had to put OJP on hold as they spent the following school year transitioning to a new facility. The mission is to connect the children attending this club with positive mentors to improve emotional, academic, and social skills. Other clubs in Montana have already implemented OJP programs and have seen impressive success.

The Boys & Girls Club of the Flathead Reservation in Ronan, MT has seen a significant majority of their middle school members achieve the honor roll consistently over the past couple of years. The clubs that utilize this program in Yellowstone county have seen a clear increase in positive social decisions in their members. The mentors at these clubs meet with their members weekly from 6 months to a year, and the best benefit to the children is seen only from sticking with the weekly sessions for at least 6 months.

Sidney’s mentorship program will be off the ground by November 20th. The club has several mentors already from the Richland County area and is always on the lookout for more, especially those that have experience in childcare or education. If anyone wants to volunteer or give their support to the Boys & Girls Club, they are urged to stop by or call to see how they can help. Each mentor will meet with their student for one hour, twice per week, and track the progress of their mentee each session. These excellent volunteers will be around for the long term to see noticeable improvement in the lives of the kids. If there is anything that this program has demonstrated in other towns, it is that a child can never have enough positive, adult relationships in their lives as they develop into caring and responsible citizens.


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