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Maintaining Balance Through The Holiday Season


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With the gathering of friends and families for holiday celebrations, we sometimes find ourselves faced with the challenges of eating too much food or more food than we might normally eat. Even through the holiday season portion controlling our food that we eat at home and gatherings can add up! The article Five Tips to Help You Manage Portion Control (2018), written by Andrea Aguilar, from Michigan State University Extension Services, talks how portion control is an important key to helping maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet, however, it does not mean you have to eat tiny portions and feel hungry all the time. According to Andrea Aguilar (2018), portion control is about eating smart by eating fewer calories and still feeling full.

Controlling your portions may seem like a daunting task during the holiday season, but there are some easy ways you can cut or trim your portion sizes at all your holiday gatherings. The article talks about some easy ways to help cut portions:

1. Use smaller dishes for your snacks or meals, such as smaller bowls, plates, smaller serving utensils, etc.

2. Try having healthy low-calorie snacks between meals such as fruit, veggies, or whole grains, all are excellent snack options between meals.

3. Drinking water before a meal and help prevent overeating.

4. Sharing a meal or dessert with someone is an excellent method that can be used to help with portion control.

5. Bulking your meal with veggies is one way to help cut calories, try adding spinach and tomatoes to a sandwich or pasta dish.

6. Eating is not a race; try slowing down and take your time while eating a meal.

These methods may seem like small steps in a grand scheme of maintaining a healthy lifestyle but remember small steps can add up over time. Try using one or more of these methods to help you keep your portion control on track this holiday season and enjoy your time with friends and family!

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