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By Jill Vitt 

Bar JV Angus Sale To Be Held On March 24


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Kendal Vitt showing a steer at the Richland County Fair. (Submitted photo)

Everyone in the Angus business brags about the Angus cow. No matter what environment you put her in she will adapt and thrive.

This year, we attended a Montana Angus Association tour of the Certified Angus Beef headquarters in Wooster, OH, and the National Angus convention, Reno, NV. We feel it is important to stay informed about changes in our industry and the quality end product we are providing to the consumer. We were especially impressed with the standards that are met with Certified Angus Beef.

Bar JV Angus has always been a family run operation. There are currently three generations collaborating at the ranch; Jim and Loretta Vitt, Dale and Jill Vitt and Cody and Sierra Vitt. We currently run 325 registered cows and 160 commercial cows. In its 44 years as a registered Angus business, Bar JV has continued to produce a product that will provide quality and increase profitability for their customers.

At Bar JV Angus we remain focused on developing a solid foundation of quality Angus genetics. Our mission is to remain focused on what is important to a commercial operation: low maintenance cows with longevity that produce pounds at weaning. Breeding elite Angus females who produce high performance bulls for the profitability of commercial cattlemen is the ultimate goal.

While the American Angus Association has provided us with a great set of selection tools, there are traits that we require beyond EPDs. Structural soundness, good feet and udders are fundamental and essential for longevity. Disposition and maternal instincts are also absolutely necessary. Also breeding bone into our cattle to enable them to handle the amount of growth that is found in today's genetics. Another thing we look for is a long neck and smooth shoulders, which ensures calving ease. We consider calving ease to be bred into our cow herd.

Dale and Jill Vitt. (Submitted photo)

They also believe that cows should be able to take care of themselves; allowing them to graze until the weather forces them to feed. In the winter season, alfalfa and grass hay are fed along with beet pulp and corn silage. Calving begins the first week of March at Bar JV, allowing most of the herd to calve out in the pasture unassisted.

Bar JV Angus' annual production sale will be held Tuesday, March 24 in the sale barn at the ranch. We will be selling 100 bulls and 180 commercial heifers. Bar JV invites you to join us on sale day. Visitors are always welcome to come by the ranch to view the bulls, heifers or the cows. We would love to show you our operation. We are always happy to discuss any questions you may have and assist in finding you the right bulls or heifers to match your needs.


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