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John and Alicia's Family. (Submitted photo)

Begger's Diamond V Ranch, Wibaux, is run by the second generation, Bill and wife, Darlene, and the third generation, their son John and his wife, Alicia, along with their twin daughters, Magdaline and Charlotte, and sons, Harrison and Gabriel, make up the fourth generation.

When it comes to customer satisfaction and taking care of their customers' needs and concerns, Begger's Diamond V Ranch rises to the top of the list. As their motto states, "The cow-calf man comes first." This is exactly what they mean. Every breeding decision they make is to enhance their customer's bottom line. They understand that their customer's success is the only way that any seed stock producer will be successful. For the past 46 years, Begger's Diamond V Ranch has been focused on black Simmental, Sim-Angus, and Angus seed stock that are designed to be profitable and useful to all segments of the beef industry.

Begger's Diamond V Ranch knows that the end result of any good program is to produce a consistently good and enjoyable eating experience for the consumer that has no concept of what it takes to produce the beef that they are eating. They also understand that it is the cow calf man that raises, takes care of, and works the land every day and owns the cattle the longest. He is the one who needs cattle to not only produce an enjoyable eating experience, but to also be problem-free, efficient, and profitable.

The emphasis put behind every single animal that the Begger program produces, is a mother cow that excels in all the traits that it takes to succeed. Average is not good enough, they know that you have one pay day a year and that every calf you produce is important. For this reason the Diamond V goal is to help their customer produce a uniform set of calves that weigh heavy on sale day, with few if any, cut backs. The name of the game is uniformity and profitability. This begins with a live vigorous calf at birth. They understand that calving time is a busy time that requires cows that calve unassisted, and then know how to mother her calf, clean him up, and get him to nurse with no help. She then needs to raise him to be a useful heavy calf that adds value to his herd mates and owner's bottom line, all this while staying in good condition and breeding back in the first cycle year after year.

Cattle that are bred to survive any environment that Mother Nature throws their way are their focus. The Beggers know that high input cattle are costly and are not practical. When you step into the Begger bull pen you will find a set of bulls that are very uniform in type. They will be moderate framed, easy fleshing, thick bodied cattle that will sire value and predictability to any cow herd. At Begger's Diamond V Ranch they believe in and produce cattle that can and must take care of themselves with minimal labor and inputs.

The cow power behind this breeding program is second to none. Every cow is expected to calve every year, calve unassisted, raise a high percentage of her body weight on her own, udder quality, foot quality, and personality is very important. The Beggers do the day to day work on their ranch, they know their cattle, and when one becomes problematic, or fails to stay problem-free, she is sold and her only way out is through a packing plant, no second chances, and no excuses.

Darlene and Bill Begger. (Submitted photo)

This year makes the 44th annual sale where 160 black Simmental, Sim-Angus, and Angus sell. They are the cream of the crop and everyone sells with complete performance data and 100% customer satisfaction. Their sale is always the first Wednesday of February and this year it will be held Feb. 5, 2020, at the ranch south of Wibaux at 12:30 p.m., MST. Come hungry, they will have lunch. For more information call Bill at 406-796-2326 or John 406-795-9914 or email [email protected], check out our Facebook page, or at Sale catalogs and video will be available about mid-January.


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