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2020 Leadership Summit


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Please join Communities in Action in the 2020 Leadership Summit hosted in Sidney on March 19 from 1-6 p.m. at the Richland County Event Center. The goal of the 2020 Leadership Summit is to grow our social capital by investing in our community’s leadership. The 2020 Leadership Summit is free and open to the public! Opportunities such as these are rare in Eastern Montana, be sure to take advantage!

The 2020 Leadership Summit comes in response to our community’s very healthy social investment. In Richland County, 1 in 18 people must assume an organizational leadership role in order to sustain our nonprofit and community groups. This statistic only assumes 3 people per organizational role, which we all know is much more conservative than our reality. Our area is host to a great number of nonprofits and community groups that address many of our community needs from health services, youth development, safety, and economy, among other areas. This strong and healthy nonprofit sector can mediate economic shocks and provide vehicles for social investment in our small towns. In order for these organizations to operate at the most effective level, we as residents need to consider our responsibility to be active and effective leaders for them.

Benjamin Winchester, rural sociologist University of Minnesota Extension System will be the facilitator for the 2020 Leadership Summit. His presentation on “The New Vibrancy across the Rural Leadership Landscape” includes the truth behind rural area’s “negative narrative.” Winchester will explain how the number of nonprofits has exploded across the county and the ways in which new residents engage with one another looks dramatically different than we find in previous generations. The reliance on volunteers to lead groups is greater in a rural community and the demands upon the local population can be heavy. Even as people wear multiple hats, it feels as though there is still not enough people getting involved. Is it because the younger folks don’t get involved or the people new to town? Learn more about how people are getting involved in community life today and how this may be different from previous generations of rural residents. How can a community develop and nurture the next generation of leaders? Find out more about these trends, and other positive news about rural social life, during this presentation.

There is a courtesy pre-registration form available at: mit20. A reception will follow Winchester’s presentation.

A very special thank you to the 2020 Leadership Summit’s current sponsors: Stockman Bank and Richland County.


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