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Badlands Gynmastics Club Competes in Bismarck


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Watford City's BGC Level 6 Team presenting at the Julie Ziegler Invitational, from left, Eastyn Wold; Caroline Dreffs; Emma Coughlin. The Julie Ziegler Gymnastics Qualifier took place Jan. 11-12 (photo submitted).

Julie Ziegler Gymnastics Qualifier Bismarck, ND Jan. 11-12

Watford’s Badlands Gymnastics Club had their first 2020 competition at the Julie Ziegler Memorial gymnastics qualifier on Bismarck, ND on Jan. 11-12.

It was a great meet for BGC with almost all athletes improving their scores from the Dickinson meet last Dec. of 2019

Xcel Bronze Results (14 Athletes Competing)

Team: 1st Badlands Gymnastics Club 105.150; 2nd Dickinson Gymnastics 69.900

Badlands Top 10 Individual Results

Vault: 1st Brooke Roscoe 9.300; 2nd Emma Job 9.250; 3rd Ayla Norton 9.250; 5th Clara Wisness 9.250; 6th Sierra Griffin 9.150; 8th Karinna Del Toro 8.850; 9th Lillian Holt 8.800; 10th Madison Kelly 8.650

Uneven Bars: 1st Brooklyn Spotted Bear 9.450; 2nd Emma Job 9.400; 3rd Clara Wisness 9.300; 4th Brooke Roscoe 9.250; 6th Ayla Norton 9.100; 7th Aubree Roerick 9.100; 9th Madison Kelly 9.000; 10th Sierra Griffin 7.700

Balance Beam: 1st Karinna Del Torro 9.000; 2nd Brooklyn Spotted Bear 8.800; 3rd Emma Job 8.700; 5th Piper Kindt 8.700; 6th Madison Kelly 8.600; 7th Brooke Roscoe 8.400; 9th Aubree Roerick 8.300; 10th LIllina Holt 8.200

Floor Exercise: 1st Emma Job 9.000; 2nd Clara Wisness 8.950; 3rd Ayla Norton 8.750; 4th Brooke Roscoe 8.650; 5th Brooklyn Spotted Bear 8.650; 6th Aubree Roerick 8.650; 7th Lillian Holt 8.600; 8th Karinna Del Torro 8.500; 9th Piper Kindt 8.450

All Around: 1st Emma Job 36.350; 2nd Brooke Roscoe 35.600; 3rd Ayla Norton 35.200; 5th Clara Wisness 34.900; 7th Brooklyn Spotted Bear 34.450; 9th Lillian Holt 34.400; 10th Madison Kelly 34.100

Xcel Silver Results (5 Athletes Competing)

Badlands top 10 Individual Results Group B

Vault: 2nd Morgan Webster 9.000

Uneven Bars: 2nd 9.300 Morgan Webster

Balance Beam: 4th 8.200 Morgan Webster

Floor Exercise: 6th 7.600

All Around: 5th Morgan Webster 33.800

Level 3 Results (90 Athletes Competing)

Badlands lacks the depth at Level 3 to make a run at the top team awards; but gymnasts Aurora Holt and Lenora Arnold both really stepped up their game, breaking into the coveted 36.000 + All Around category (a 9.0 + score average) and both placed top ten All Around out of 90 gymnasts.

Team: 1st Red River Valley 110.700; 2nd Bismarck 109.550; 3rd Gymagic 108.650; 4th Dakota Star 106.650; 5th PRYD 106.360; 6th Dickinson 105.000; 7th Western Stars 103.700; 8th Badlands 103.450; 9th Jamestown 102.900; 10th Acro Stars 102.900; 11th Carrington 63.400

Badlands top 10 Individual Results

Uneven Bars: 3rd Lenora Arnold 9.300

Balance Beam: 3rd Aurora Holt 9.300; 9th Lenora Arnold 9.150

All Around: 6th Aurora Holt 36.050; 8th Lenora Arnold 36.000

Level 4 Results (548 Athletes Competing)

Badlands Level 4’s really took off this competition, scoring a whopping 5 points higher than their last go around in Dickinson. Skye Cutshall, Sasha Stieg and Lyrik Olson all placed top ten on vault; Cutshall and Stieg made the top ten All Around Cut; and Amelia Wisness carried home the uneven bars gold. As a team they snagged their first trophy-3rd place.

Team: 1st Gymagic (Minot) 107.650; 2rd Bismarck 106.000; 3rd Badlands 105.300; 4th Western Stars (Williston) 102.2000; 5th Dickinson 99.550; 6th Red River Valley 99.750; 7th Jamestown 99.450; 8th PRYD 98.550; 9th Carrington 91.950; 10th Valley Twisters 77.950; 11th Dakota Star 69.000

Badlands Top 10 Individual Results

Vault: 3rd Skye Cutshall 8.550; 4th Sasha Stieg 8.500; 10th Lyrik Olson 8.250

Uneven Bars: 1st Amelia Wisness 9.250; 7th Skye Cutshall 8.900

Floor: 8th Sasha Stieg 8.850

All Around: 3rd Skye Cutshall 35.300; 8th Sasha Stieg 35.050

Level 6 Results (19 Athletes Competing)

Team: 1st Red River Valley 103.350; 2nd Gymagic 101.125; 3rd Jamestown 99.275; 4th Badlands 99.275; 5th Bismarck 67.600; 6th PYRD 33.200

Badlands Top 10 Individual Results

Vault: 7th Eastyn Wold 8.300

Uneven Bars: 5th Eastyn Wold 8.750; 6th Emma Coughlin 8.725

Balance Beam: 5th Caroline Dreffs 8.500; 9th Eastyn Wold 8.400

Floor Exercise: 10th Emma Coughlin 8.650

All Around: 10th Eastyn Wold 33.25


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