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McKenzie County 4-H Archers Receive Top Honors In Badlands Roundup Watford City Jan. 25


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McKenzie County senior and junior 4-H Archers teams received first place team honors in Bare Bow at Badlands Roundup 4-H Archery Match held on Saturday, Jan. 25 at Rough Rider Center, Watford City.

Receiving 3rd place honors individually was Senior David Crain, son of Cheryl and Donny Crain, Beach. Other senior team members were: Shyanna (5th place individually) and Skyla Hovde, daughters of Nathan and Kristi Hovde, Alexander, and Clay Ceynar, son of Sara and Dustin Ceynar, Arnegard.

Junior team 1st place winner was Ryan Pingel, son of Sandra and Brent Pingel, Watford City. Other junior team achievers were: Jake Ceynar, son of Sara and Dustin Ceynar; Addison George, daughter of Erin and Josh George, Watford City and Isaac Wolff, son of Patti and JJ Wolff, Watford City. Other juniors participating were: Noah and Isabelle Crain, children of Cheryl and Donny Crain and Luke Smith, son of Randi and Leland Smith, Arnegard.

Second place team achievers in Beginner Barebow were: Jax Hovde, son of Nathan and Kristi Hovde, Alexander, McCoy Lawlar; son of Howdy and Jodee Lawlar, Watford City; Beau Hovland, son of Jennifer and Blaine Hovland, Watford City; and Boston Foss, son of Mariah Foss, Watford City. Also participating were: Cooper George, son of Erin and Josh George, Watford City; Griffon Signalness, son of Jason and Ashley Signalness, Watford City; Jacob and Brianna Rink, children of Shaun and Mandy Rink, Watford City; Mason and Audrey Wolff, children of Patti and JJ Wolff, Watford City; and MacKenzie Knowles, daughter of Josh and Julie Knowles, Watford City.

Junior Freestyle shooters achieved 2nd place honors. Team members were top scorer Jake Ceynar, Dylon Cargo, son of Laci and Seth Cargo, Arnegard; Wyatt Boekelman, son of Kalie and Stacy Boekelman, Watford City; and Noah Crain, son of Cheryl and Donny Crain. Other shooters were: Thaydan Arnold, son of Thad and Lowana Arnold, Watford City; Luke Smith, Ryan Pingel, Emily Blanton, daughter of Christina and Richard Blanton, Watford City; Luke Pederson, son of Kent and Anita Pederson, Arnegard; Morgan Vesey, daughter of Emily and Joe Vesey, Fairfield; and Connor Dees, son of Glenda and Jarvis Dees, Williston.

Third place recognition went to Beginner Freestyle shooters Nicholas Ellis, son of Chelsey Ellis, Arnegard; Jax Hovde, Emma Arnold, daughter of Thad and Lowana Arnold; and Hunter Bixby, son of Nate and Chelsea Bixby, Watford City. Also participating was Tanner Moberg, son of Tessa and Tyrell Moberg, Watford City.

Masters (anyone qualifying for or has shot at the National competition) Senior Freestyle Shooter Laryn Dees, daughter of Glenda and Jarvis Dees placed third individually of these individuals.

Senior Freestyle shooters were: Colton Crist, son of Corinna and Chad Crist, Grassy Butte; Cash Tachenko, son of Amanda Tachenko, Grassy Butte; Clay Ceynar and David Crain.

About 200 4-H archers from across North Dakota participated in the match. For more information, contact NDSU Extension in McKenzie County at 701-444-3451.


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