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2020 Kim Lupo Memorial Gymnastics Qualifier Held In Minot


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Level 4 1st place team. The three kids holding the mock donation check (L to R) Emree Wold, Skye Cutshall, Sasha Stieg. The two kids behind the check (L to R) Lyrik Olson, Amelia Wisness.

Watford City's Badlands Gymnastics Club continued their winning ways at the Kim Lupo Memorial gymnastics qualifier meet Feb. 8-9 in Minot. Taking home two 1st place and one 4th place team finish.

Xcel Bronze Results (18 Athletes Competing)

Teams: 1st Badlands Gymnastics Club 109.450; 2nd Dickinson Gymnastics 70.550; 3rd Red River Valley Athletics 70.400

Badlands Top 10 Individual Results

Vault: Age 7-9: 1st Emma Job 9.525; 3rd Brooke Roscoe 9.300; 4th Madison Kelly 9.200; 5th Eden Ybarra 9.025; 6th Trinity Hernandez 8.850; 7th Brooklyn Spotted Bear 7.900; 8th Aubree Roerick 7.475; Age 10+: 1st Ayla Norton 9.425; 2nd Clara Wisness 9.400; 3rd Sierra Griffin 9.325; 4th Karinna Del Torro 9.175; 5th Makayla Klamm 9.000; 6th Bryndal Geiger 8.975; 10th Lillian Holt 8.750

Uneven Bars: Age 7-9: 1st Emma Job 9.300; 2nd Brooklyn Spotted Bear 9.250; 3rd Brooke Roscoe 9.200; 4th Aubree Roerick 9.100; 5th Trinity Hernandez 9.000; 7th Madison Kelly 8.900; 8th Eden Ybarra 8.800; Ages 10+: 3rd Clara Wisness 9.050; 4th Bryndal Geiger 9.000; 5th Lillian Holt 8.900; 6th Sierra Griffin 8.900; 7th Ayla Norton 8.800; 9th Makalya Klamm 8.750; 10th Karinna Del Torro 7.000

Balance Beam: Age Group 7-9: 1st Emma Job 8.800; 2nd Brooke Roscoe 8.750; 3rd Brooklynn Spotted Bear 8.700; 4th Trinity Hernandez 8.650; 5th Aubree Roerick 8.500; 7th Madison Kelly 8.200; Age 10+: 3rd Karinna Del Torro 8.500; 4th Lillian Holt 8.250; 5th Ayla Norton 8.200; 6th Bryndal Geiger 8.100; 8th Clara Wisness 8.000; 9th Makayla Klamm 7.800; 10th Sierra Griffin 7.400

Floor Exercise: Age 7-9: 1st Brooklyn Spotted Bear 9.100; 2nd Emma Job 9.000; 3rd Brooke Roscoe 8.950; 4th Aubree Roerick 8.700; 5th Trinity Hernandez 8.650; 6th Eden Ybarra 8.550; 8th Madison Kelly 8.050; Age 10+: 1st Clara Wisness 9.000; 2nd Ayla Norton 8.850; 4th Bryndal Geiger 8.750; 7th Sierra Griffin 8.500; 8th Karinna Del Torro 8.450; 9th Lillian Holt 8.250; 10th Makayla Klamm 7.900

All Around: Age 7-9: 1st Emma Job 36.625; 2nd Brooke Roscoe 36.200; 3rd Trinity Hernandez 35.150; 5th Brooklyn Spotted Bear 34.950; 6th Eden Ybarra 34.675; 7th Madison Kelly 34.350; 8th Aubree Roerick 33.775; Ages 10+: 3rd Clara Wisness 35.450; 4th Ayla Norton 35.275; 7th Lillian Holt 34.150; 8th Sierra Griffin 34.125; 9th Makayla Klamm 33.450; 10th Karinna Del Torro 33.125

Xcel Silver Results (7 Athletes Competing)

Badlands top 3 Individual Results Age 10-12:

Vault: 2nd Morgan Webster 8.975; Uneven Bars: 2nd Morgan Webster 9.400; Balance Beam: 3rd Morgan Webster 8.700; All Around: 3rd Morgan Webster 35.375

Level 3 Results (53 Athletes Competing)

Small, but mighty, Badlands has just enough gymnasts at Level 3 to qualify as team (top 3 scores on each event count toward team score); winning their first team trophy-4th place-of the season. Lenora Arnold and Aurora Holt dominated the competition taking 2nd and 3rd in the All Around respectively, with first year Oakley Waters stepping up and contributing some of her highest scores of the season.

Team: 1st Gymagic 110.700; 2nd Dickinson 106.325; 3rd Dakota Star 105.300; 4th Badlands 104.700; 5th Jamestown Gymnastics 103.500; 6th Western Stars 102.050; 7th Acro Stars 99.900; 8th Carrington Gymnastics 89.250; 9th Sidney Gymnastics 64.400

Badlands top 10 Individual Results

Lenora Arnold: 6th Vault 9.275; 1st Uneven Bars 9.30; 3rd Balance Beam 9.150; 2nd All Around 36.625

Aurora Holt: 7th Uneven Bars 9.100; 1st Balance Beam 9.200; 6th Floor Exercise 9.050; 3rd All Around 36.550

Level 4 Results (37 Athletes Competing)

Badlands Level 4's "Stuck it" to their opponents, winning the first place team award by an incredible 5 points over their nearest competitor. Skye Cutshall and Sasha Stieg went one-two in the All Around, with Amelia Wisness and Lyrik Olson also finishing top ten AA.

Team: 1st Badlands 106.400; 2nd Dakota Star 101.150; 3rd Jamestown 100.850; 4th Western Stars 99.800; 5th Dickinson 99.500; 6th Valley City 93.050; 7th Carrington Gymnastics 92.000; 8th Gymagic 66.900; 9th Acro Stars 32.300; 10th Sidney Gymnastics 30.360

Badlands Top 10 Individual Results

Vault: 1st Sasha Stieg 9.000; 2nd Skye Cutshall 8.900

Uneven Bars: 1st Sky Cutshall 9.000; 6th Amelia Wisness 8.700; 8th Lyrik Olson 8.550

Balance Beam: 2nd Skye Cutshall 9.300; 3rd Amelia WIsness 9.200

Floor: 1st Skye Cutshall 9.300; 2nd Sasha Stieg 9.100

All Around: 1st Skye Cutshall 36.500; 2nd Sasha Stieg 35.000; 5th Amelia Wisness 34.150; 0th Lyrik Olson 33.250

Level 5 Results (8 Athletes Competing)

Badlands Top 3 Individual Results

Vault: 3rd Annabelle Coughlin 8.775

Level 6 Results (9 Athletes Competing)

Team: 1st Dickinson 103.025; 2nd Jamestown 102.000; 3rd Badlands 99.800; 4th Gymagic 72.225

Badlands Top 3 Individual Results

Age 10-11: Vault: 3rd Eastyn Wold 8.300

Age 12+: Uneven Bars: 2nd Caroline Dreffs 9.000; Balance Beam: 3rd Caroline Dreffs 8.575; All Around: 2nd Caroline Dreffs 33.800


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