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Helena Agri-Enterprises, LLC Meeting Set for March 12


Helena Agri-Enterprises, LLC, will be hosting an informational meeting at Teddy’s Residential Suites, Watford City. Starting at 3 pm on Thursday, March 12, Farmers and ranchers are encouraged to attend the meeting to learn more about Purina animal nutrition, Bayer animal health, and agronomy updates.

The Purina and animal health update will feature Lance Enget and Ron Bernhardt. Enget will be providing an overview of Purina’s fly control mineral, and he will also be discussing Purina’s new product line called RX3, which deals with starter rations. Bernhardt will be talking about the four types of fly species and the products that control them best.

The agronomy update will include information on surfactants, supplementing crops with foliar nutrients, seed treatment, root disease, protecting fertilizer while maximizing the efficiencies of nutrients being applied, and a review of emerging/persistent weed seedling ID.

Surfactants improve pesticide efficiency; increase the foliar uptake of herbicides, growth regulators, and defoliants. The choice of the adjuvant in an agrochemical formulation is vital. Different types of surfactants include anionic, amphoteric, nonionic, and cationic surfactants. At the meeting, attendees will also be informed of options they can use for spring burndown, different herbicides, and varying weed pressures.

There will also be information provided on how to supplement crops with foliar nutrients in order to maximize return on acres. Some methods used to accomplish this is to develop a basic understanding of what the particular crop needs, apply nutrients at the optimal time, use most effective foliar fertilizers, and support higher yields with strong soil nutrition.

Seed treatment, root diseases, and protecting fertilizer while maximizing the efficiencies of the nutrients being applied to a certain crop will also be discussed.

After the informational meeting, there will be dinner served at 5:30 pm. Attendees will have the opportunity to receive discounted booking prices on Purina Fly Control mineral. If you are interested in attending, please notify Helena Agri-Enterprises at 701-444-3772.


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