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March 18, 2020 | View PDF

Pro-life organizations around the state are aghast at Joel Krautter’s assertions in your wonderful publication. As a decades-long resident of Montana, a Constitutional Republican, a Christian volunteer, and a pro-life activist, the record needs to be set straight.

As the Montana Family Foundation has made abundantly clear, the Medicaid expansion rule that Krautter voted for along with Montana House Democrats, did indeed provide for tax-payer funded abortions. Krautter claims he has an A-score with the Montana Family Foundation, but that score did not take into account the Medicaid vote when tabulating scores.

Additionally, Doctors for a Healthy Montana – comprised of physicians – have claimed just this morning via their Facebook page that “Joel Krautter voted for taxpayer funded abortions.” There is no question that abortions are paid for in Montana by Medicaid.

Richland County voted overwhelmingly to oppose Medicaid expansion in 2018 as did the entire state. Why did he vote for this entitlement program even if abortions were not provided for (which they are)?

As a long-time pro-life advocate, we begged legislators not to vote for Medicaid expansion for the sake of the unborn and Krautter along with the Solutions Caucus crossed party lines to side with Democrats. No other legislators from nearby districts to HD35 voted for this bill (because they are Republicans).

There is nothing “fake” about the factual reporting on Krautter’s pro-abortion vote. Politicians produce enough fake news for all of us.

- Glenda Edgeworth


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