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March 18, 2020 | View PDF

I saw Rep. Joel Krautter’s article in the Roundup, as did many conservatives around the state, and I want to respond to it. As the former executive director of the Montana Family Coalition, I need to respond to it for the sake of honesty. The first thing that you need to know is that Krautter, in calling pro-life voters “extremists,” is actually mimicking word-for-word a fake news site set up by the leftist “Solutions Caucus” called the “Extremist Chronicles.” Favored by the progressives with whom Krautter caucuses in Helena against Republicans, this site refers to all conservatives as “extremists,” a term he uses multiple times in reference to conservatives in his Roundup letter. Ironically, Krautter borrows from this anonymous left-wing site while lecturing Richland County voters about using anonymous sources. Regarding Krautter’s vote with Democrats on Medicaid Expansion, the fact is the Montana Family Foundation released a brief prepared by their attorney at Milanovich Law Firm explaining with utmost clarity that both abortion and gender realignment surgeries are paid for by Montana Medicaid. It is only with extreme dishonesty that Krautter then cites his voting record with Montana Family Foundation in defense of his vote for Medicaid Expansion. In fact, Montana Family Foundation explicitly warns voters that their scorecards do not reflect the vote on Medicaid Expansion and candidates should not flaunt their scorecard as a defense for that vote to expand abortion coverage. Furthermore, Krautter attempts to deceive Richland County by mentioning the provision requiring a work requirement for Medicaid added to the bill. What Krautter conveniently did not inform voters about is that this provision – Krautter’s excuse for voting for the bill – was struck down by the federal courts and Medicaid Expansion will go on without that provision. Why did Krautter not include that detail? Among the many Democrats who donated to Krautter in 2019 is Blair Fjeseth, who is the former communications director for Linda McCulloch, the former Democrat Secretary of State. She runs Powerhouse Montana, a women’s organization that seeks to “connect Montana women to the mentors and resources they need to succeed” (according to their website). One of the resources and mentors Powerhouse Montana connects women to is Planned Parenthood of Montana officer, Christina Roberts. While Krautter may volunteer for the Sunrise Pregnancy Clinic and say he’s pro-life, his voting record says differently.

Now more than ever we need true Conservatives representing our State. We have grown weary of smooth- talking politicians who say one thing and do another.

- Julie A. Millam, Helena, MT


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