McKenzie County Forms Emergency Response For COVID-19


March 25, 2020 | View PDF

Watford City / McKenzie County COVID-19 response formed an Emergency Operations Center to support the community in observing CDC and North Dakota Department of Health guidelines to slow the spread and flatten the curve of COVID-19 in our community.

There is a toll-free hotline for anyone in the community who is in need of the following:

• If you are self-quarantining or self-containing, where and how to receive curb-side services of groceries

• If you are sick, where and how to receive curb-side pharmaceuticals and related services

• If you are concerned, where to receive information and updates

The toll-free WC/McKenzie COVID-19 Response 24/7 Hotline number is: 1-833-877-0143

Follow us at for updates.

Watford City/McKenzie County COVID-19 Response Goals:

1. Protect the public health and safety of our residents

2. Coordinate services and resources for our residents

3. Facilitate assistance to self-quarantined and / or shut-in residents

4. Be the central conduit of information for residents

We would like to make the community aware that Anova Family Health Center is the designated location for curbside testing of COVID-19. If you are experiencing the following:

• Fever, body & muscle aches, cough & shortness of breath and

• Live in congregate living, or are part of a public health investigation/contact tracing.

You must call ANOVA at 701-842-6400 to complete a phone questionnaire if you believe you meet the testing criteria. Do not present to any of the healthcare facilities in the community if you have the symptoms of COVID-19. We would encourage persons to follow the CDC and NDDOH guidelines.

If you wish to support the Watford City/McKenzie County COVID-19 Response please contact one of the following:

Monetary Donations can be directed to – VENMO @wcmccovid-19 Erica Johnsrud or at [email protected]

In kind donations can be directed to Kimberly Clemons, [email protected] or Vawnita Best, [email protected].

Volunteering opportunities please call our 24/7 hotline 1-833-877-0143 and provide a list of any skills, specialties, and qualifications you have.


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