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First Confirmed COVID-19 Case In McKenzie County


(March 31, 2020) Today the Watford City/McKenzie County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) was notified by the North Dakota Department of Health (ND DoH) that a male in their 40s from McKenzie County tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. The person is under self-quarantine and has been in contact with our COVID-19 call center. We have maintained communication with our healthcare services to provide our community with the most accurate information.

“We want to reassure the community, we are trying to stem the spread of COVID-19,” said UMDHU Executive Officer Javayne Oyloe. “We continue to encourage people to practice social distancing to keep everyone safe. We are hopeful our communities and our state will prove to be only a small sample of the overall COVID-19 situation.”

McKenzie County Healthcare Systems, Inc. (MCHS) strongly urges the residents of McKenzie County to practice social distancing, hand washing and cancellation of non-essential travel. “Our goal as a community should be to slow the spread of the virus,” said Sam Perry MBA.

Now more than ever, it is critical to take preventative action for your health and the health of the community.

“We do want to stress to everyone that the COVID-19 pandemic is constantly evolving,” said Oyloe. “This means people should also take the time to go to the CDC, UMDHU and ND DoH websites and get familiar with their information. They have provided guidance for a variety of specific groups, as well as for general population methods of response.”

The EOC operates under the following goals: to protect the public health and safety of our residents; to coordinate and support first responder services and resources for our residents; to facilitate assistance to quarantined and/or shut-in residents; and be the central conduit of information for residents.

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LOCAL resources for self-quarantine/contain or questions:

Watford City/McKenzie Co COVID-19 response 24/7 hotline number: 1 (833) 877-0143


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