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In this uncertain time, we know you may be concerned about keeping your families and communities safe and healthy.

Help is here: Our helpline remains open and available. If you are having difficulties accessing support or treatment during this time our specialists are here to guide you.

Connect now using the following options: Text a message to 55753 or call 1-855-378-4373.

Online community support: In response to the uncertainty and circumstances surrounding COVID-19, we are hosting a series of free, online gatherings for parents/caregivers designed to help you connect with others and gain helpful insight and ideas.

On Wednesdays, 8 p.m. EST; 5 p.m. PST for parents/caregivers of teens, u5Akc0-prjooPN897VVIDdmg59em4lyMLA.

On Saturdays 12 p.m. EST; 9 a.m. PST all parents/caregivers

What to expect: Our solution based focus combines discussing real life issues and applying evidence based skills and techniques to help address them. Topics include how to talk to your children so they will listen, establishing healthy boundaries, household rules and limits and consequences.


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