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Dear Editor,

‘Krautter is a Prolife Ally’

When considering support of a candidate, our first concern is whether or not that person is pro-life. Through talking with Representative Joel Krautter and reviewing his voting record, we have found him to be 100% pro-life. In addition, the Montana Family Foundation gave him a 100% score. If there were any concerns, he would not have received that score. Representative Krautter has also co-sponsored pro-life legislation in Helena.

It is deeply disturbing to read the lies being perpetrated about him supporting abortion, with even a billboard spreading those lies!

We are thankful for his vote that provided essential healthcare to people in need and also helped our rural hospitals to remain open. Contrary to what you may have read by those who are determined to take Representative Krautter down, this Medicaid reform bill does NOT include abortion coverage. We are grateful to have our local hospital – especially during this time of Covid-19.

Thank you for your service, Joel, and know that there are many of us who support you in your re-election. Keep fighting the fight. We are praying for you.

- Michael and June Backhaus, Sidney, MT


Reader Comments(1)

Frandsen writes:

I am a Democrat and I know a Republican when I see one. Joel is a Republican friend of mine, as are many other Republicans in this community. The smear campaign that the Ler camp is attempting is less than graceful. Cara Lokken-Frandsen


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