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MonDak Walleyes Unlimited Chapter Continues To Carry Out Its Mission


Kids practice casting their fishing rods at Gartside during the 2019 Kids Fishing Day

In 1997 Doug Hill, Kevin Mayer and Russ Wells established the MonDak Walleyes Unlimited Chapter. The purpose of starting this Chapter was to educate the public on the importance of warm water fishing, improve and conserve warm water fish, and promote fishing by funding community projects.

Since the start of the Chapter, MonDak Walleyes Unlimited members have gone above and beyond to accomplish their mission. Today there are approximately 150 members within the MonDak Chapter, and they have given back a total of $125,000 to the community.

The MonDak Walleyes Unlimited Chapter strives to go beyond promoting warm water fishing. The Chapter is dedicated to improving fishing experiences in the area by kick starting several community projects. They have so far, partnered with the state of Montana to improve the MDU boat ramp and park, funded Gartside Lake handicap access, and this year committed to the refurbishment project of the Boat Ramp on the Yellowstone River at Sunheim Park east of Fairview. They have also funded Richland Park. "One project that we really put a lot of effort into is the Richland Park. Within this project, the Chapter has assisted in the boat ramp and playground. We also put up solar lights and planted all of the trees within the campground," explained Kevin Mayer, the MonDak Walleyes Unlimited Secretary/Treasurer.

The Chapter also promotes warm water fishing by coordinating a Kids Fishing Day at Gartside Lake for area sixth-graders. During this event, the Chapter supplies rod and reels to 160 young fishing enthusiasts and teaches them all about fishing and water safety regulations. The Chapter is hopeful to be holding this year's kids fishing day on May 12 but acknowledges that this event may not happen.

Mayer explained that "Over the past 23 years, the chapter has given back an excess of $125,000 to the community." To continue their mission, the Chapter encourages new and existing members to renew their memberships.

In previous years, the Chapter has hosted a Walleyes Unlimited Annual Banquet, but this year it was canceled due to the novel coronavirus. This banquet is one of the Chapter's primary member recruiting and fundraising events, and even though the banquet was canceled, the Chapter still has many ongoing projects.

This year, new and existing members are encouraged to renew or obtain a Walleyes Unlimited membership online; this can be done at The annual cost per Walleyes Unlimited membership is $35 for one individual or a family (which includes your spouse and all dependents under the age of 18). When you become a member, you will receive a subscription to the Walleyes Unlimited of Montana Fish Tales magazine, the ability to partake in Walleyes Unlimited Tournaments, and promote warm water fishing in your community. If you are interested in making a financial contribution to the MonDak Walleyes Unlimited Chapter, you can contact Justin Jones (President), Mark Binder (Vice President), or Kevin Mayer (Treasurer).


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