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April 15, 2020 | View PDF

Dear Editor:

I have served in the Montana House of Representatives for the past seven years in your neighboring house district. I know both of your Republican candidates for HD #35 very well. The voters of Richland County are fortunate to have such a clear and distinct choice in the upcoming Republican primary.

The dictionary defines misrepresentation as “the action or offense of giving a false or misleading account of the nature of something”. For the last two years Richland County has been misrepresented in the Montana House of Representatives. That is unless the citizens of Richland County truly want higher taxes, higher government spending, and more government programs. Now our Senator Hinebauch certainly didn’t vote for these things. It is truly inconceivable why so called Representative Krautter did. These two men are supposed to be representing the same group of people! In 2018 the voters of Richland County voted 66% against Medicaid expansion. Senator Hinebauch honored the will of the people and voted against Medicaid Expansion and (Mis) Representative Krautter defied the will of the people of Richland County and voted for it in the Legislature. Medicaid Expansion is part of Obamacare and yes, it does direct taxpayer dollars to pay for abortions! Anyone who says Medicaid Expansion doesn’t use taxpayer dollars to pay for abortions is misrepresenting it.

Now the dictionary defines Representative as “typical of a class, group, or body of opinion”. I have known Brandon Ler for a long time and know that he is an honest, hardworking, family man that knows what it takes to truly represent the people of Richland County. A rock solid Republican, Brandon Ler has the principles, character and knowledge to best serve the citizens of Richland County and not cave in to the special interest groups so prevalent in Helena. Brandon Ler is a man with a backbone who will fight to do what is right for the citizens.

So, Richland County, you have an important decision to make. Vote for Brandon Ler, someone who will truly represent you and serve you well, or vote to continue being misrepresented.

- State Representative, Alan Doane HD#36


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