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Public Plays a Role in Reopening Safely


April 22, 2020

Dear Richland County Residents:

After what seems like a decade of quarantine, Governor Bullock has given the green light (or really, the yellow light) to reopen our local businesses and #ReopenRichlandCounty.

While we're all excited to sit down at our favorite restaurant or finally get a haircut, there are a few important things to keep in mind in order to reopen safely, reduce the possibility of having to reintroduce restrictions, and allow a sustained economic recovery.

First, COVID-19 hasn't changed. It is still a serious, dangerous pandemic, and we are still living with the threat of it in our community. Reopening safely isn't like flipping a switch! We're seeking a "new normal" that leads to a sustained recovery and avoids the need to re-implement control measures later.

Second, our community members play an enormous role in the sustained recovery of Richland County. This means YOU are responsible continuing to maintain social distancing-if a business is open but too crowded, come back later . Tighten your circle-continue to limit your close contacts. Keep track of where you have been and who you've been in contact with in case you're part of a COVID-19 case investigation later . Most importantly, STAY HOME WHEN YOU ARE SICK, monitor yourself for the development of a fever or cough, and seek medical attention when necessary.

Finally, protect those around you, including our business owners and staff, healthcare staff, children, the elderly, and others with compromised immune systems. Wash your hands, wear a mask, and STAY HOME WHEN YOU ARE SICK. Continue to follow directives from the Governor, public health, and healthcare providers.

When in doubt, stay home. The better we are at protecting ourselves and each other, the less likely we are to continue the spread of COVID-19, and the more likely we are to sustain our recovery.

Stay safe!

- Jacquelyn Free, FNP-C

Richland County Health Officer


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