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PSC Commissioner Censure Proceeding


HELENA – The first phase of a PSC commissioner censure proceeding, involving serious allegations of ethical misconduct by Commission Randy Pinocci (R-Sun River), was held at a 9:30 business meeting of the commission on Tuesday, May 5.

The censure motion is being brought by Commissioner Roger Koopman (R-Bozeman.) PSC attorneys believe protocol requires a two-part procedure, with commissioners first voting to see the evidence and allow the censure process to go forward. Tuesday’s commission vote is for that purpose only. After process approval – which should be routine – the commission will conduct a second meeting on May 12, when evidence is presented, Koopman and Pinocci testify, and the motion is voted up or down.

Both meetings are open, with comment public allowed. An audio livestream is available through the PSC website:

The complete censure resolution, along with supporting exhibits, can be read here. Koopman’s written remarks, which he read to the commission on Tuesday, can be read here.

Censure is an internal warning to a fellow member of an elected body, that they have breached important standards and protocols, and behaved in an improper way. It notifies them that if they continue to behave contrary to the established ethical and professional standards of that body, there could eventually be serious and formal consequences. Censure does not remove a person from office, nor does it restrict them in the performance of their duties. Censure also does not set policy.


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