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Rosenau, New Chief Operating Officer Sidney Sugars Inc.,


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As of the beginning of July, Steve Rosenau has been named Sidney Sugars, Inc. chief operating officer. In Rosenau's new position; he oversees all agriculture and factory operations and grower-related activities.

Rosenau has been involved with the American Crystal Sugar Company for many years and has held various positions, including corporate controller, business development manager,financial analyst, factory manager, pproduction superintendent, and process engineer. Rosenau stated, “My whole professional career has been American Crystal Sugars. I have been with the company for almost 26 years! Half of that time, I have been involved in engineering and operations and the other half has been in finance.” 

Rosenau expressed that he has thoroughly enjoyed his time working with American Crystal Sugar. He said," I have definitely enjoyed my time here and plan to work for Crystal Sugars for many more years!" 

Over the span of Rosenau's time at American Crystal Sugars, he has developed a unique perspective on agricultural corporations. "One unique perspective about agriculture, in particular is in a cooperative, you have the owners of the organization that are passionate and intimately involved in the organization all the way from growing the raw material for the facility to marketing the end product getting to see the whole product lifestyle is what has kind of inspired me."

In addition to his role as Chief operating officer, he serves as the American Crystal Sugar treasurer, where he has been overseeing the financial aspects of the company. “I have been in finance since 2007, and still am, but this new position has given me a chance to get back to where I started in terms of working with the factory operation. One area that I haven't worked in is the ag department, and this position will allow me to work with the ag department as well as with the growers that contract with us. This position will allow me to grow professionally and learn the agricultural side of the business."

Through Rosenau's position, he hopes to add to the team at Sidney Sugars. Rosenau explained, "One of the big things that have been a focus for years has been the unemployment levels. We want to focus on attracting and retaining talented employees- this has been something that the Sidney plant has been working on for a while, and we will continue to do that.”

Rosenau hopes to focus on the operation of the facility and make it as successful as possible. He said, "I am starting from ground zero, so there is quite a bit to learn, so that is what I am diving into, and I'll spend the next year getting a take on where things are at and establishing relationships with area growers."


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