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Door 204 Adds A Vibrant Mural Featuring The Landscape Of Watford City


September 9, 2020 | View PDF

The new mural located on the Door 204 building on Main Street, Watford City.

Located on the bricks outside of Door 204, Watford City, sits a brand-new mural that features contemporary and historical parts of Watford City, including badlands, Long X Bridge, oil wells, hay bales, and longhorn cattle. "The mural depicts a scene of driving into Watford City like the badlands and landscape of the area," stated Linda Roesch, the artist that painted the mural.

Roesch just recently finished the mural Tuesday, Sept.1. "I really have enjoyed doing this mural. I'm glad I can do something like this for a community like Watford City; it really makes me feel honored that of all the artists in the world I was picked to do this piece," explained Roesch.

Roesch has vast experience of doing a variety of artwork, but she claims that murals are one of her favorite types of art. "I really enjoy doing public art like this - this might be my favorite type of art that I do just because I know it will reach so many different people." 

Roesch has done several murals in South Dakota, and more recently, she has done a mural in Jamestown, ND. "This summer, a mural project really just fell in my lap. A business in Jamestown got a grant for a mural, and the style they wanted was really close to what I do already, and it was only a block from where I live, so it really couldn't have been more perfect."

Jesse Veeder Scofield, Watford City, saw the mural she did in Jamestown and contacted Roesch to see if she could do one in Watford City. "I designed Jesse's most recent album cover earlier this year - it was such a huge opportunity. And then she had seen the mural I did in Jamestown, and asked if I would come do one in Watford City and here we are!"

Roesch is originally from Roscoe, SD, but currently resides in Jamestown, where she has been pursuing her career as an artist. She said, "'The last six years I've been doing art full time self-employed. I sell art at festivals in the summer and teach artist residencies at elementary schools. I have also started teaching one college credit at the University of Jamestown."

When asked how she became involved in art, she responded," art is just something that I have been doing since a young age, I just kept doing art until I became an artist. When I was young, my most inspirational person was my grandpa - he's a farmer and rancher in South Dakota, and he is quite good at drawing; he doesn't do anything professionally, but as a kid, I thought he was the best artist in the world, and I wanted to be an artist just like him, so I kept practicing. He's 93 years old, and he is still a big supporter and influencer in my life."

Roesch displays her artwork on many different social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Examples of her artwork can be viewed by searching "sketching spot" on social media platforms and by visiting her website:


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