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September 16, 2020 | View PDF

Dear Editor,

In 2019 State Senator Steven Hinebaugh voted NO on Hanna’s Act HB 21, which provided for a specialist with the Department of Justice to coordinate efforts between local, state, Federal, and tribal authorities in missing persons cases, as well as oversee information entered into the national data bases for missing persons. He also cast the ONLY NO vote on SB 147, which would revise laws concerning human trafficking and sex crimes in order to better protect victims. Despite our supposed isolation here in eastern Montana we are not immune to human trafficking. Anyone can be trafficked—women, children, men—whether for sexual reasons or forced labor. According to the Montana Dept. of Justice, Montana has seen increasing numbers of cases reported since 2007, especially in recent years, and those are just the ones reported. We also know there continuing reports of missing persons in Montana and neighboring states. The problem is real, it is here--it could happen to any of our family members, anytime! We need Legislators who are willing to help protect all Montanans.

We are all against such crimes, and we all care about people who go missing from our communities. I hope you will, like me, vote for Pat Mischel, a proven leader who cares about all of us in Eastern Montana. I believe he will fight to support victims and families and provide the DOJ with the tools they need to help stop trafficking and protect victims of sex crimes in Montana.

Millie Robinson, Glendive, MT

Dear Editor

Steve Daines hasn›t asked for the absolutely ridiculous and false ads to be taken down about Governor Bullock’s brother. Why are these lies continuing to be aired on TV all across Montana?

Here are the facts: Bullock’s brother sold his stocks in his own company years before Steve Bullock was elected Governor. Additionally, Governor Bullock was not even in charge of delegating the government contracts that the ad accused him of giving his brother. dug into the ad and found it totally unsupported by any facts.

These ads are nothing more than a cheap scare tactic. Montanans know better. 

Why does Senator Daines choose to associate with dishonest advertising?

Janet Martineau, Sidney, MT

Dear Editor,

As COVID continues to throw our lives into disarray, one thing has become clear to us all: we need our schools. Many of us rely on schools for everything from the obvious, like educating our children, to the essential, like feeding them and providing them with quality after school programs while we work to support them.

Then why does our current state senator continue to try and cut funding for our schools and teachers? He voted against 2019 HB 211, which made our schools more competitive and attracted teachers from all over. He voted against 2019 HB 387, which increased support for our local technical programs, like welding, plumbing, and mechanic’s certifications. He even voted against 2019 HB 638, which ensured that special education programs in our state were providing a quality education to the ones that need it most.

Each one of those bills passed and was signed by the governor. Of course they did: they were no brainers! But for some reason your senator decided that keeping our schools up and running wasn’t a priority.

Pat Mischel served on the Dawson County school board from 1997 to 2000. In that time, he prioritized supporting our schools to keep Eastern Montana competitive with the rest of the country and the world. Pat knows that if we are going to compete in this new economy, where businesses need to be able to outbid China for control of the market, our children need an education that will prepare them to excel in any field they choose. That’s why I’m endorsing Pat Mischel for State Senate District 18.

Patty Atwell, Glendive, MT


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