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Dear Editor

• I am writing in response to a recent letter from Susan Peterson from Glendive. Ms. Peterson had attended a community session on Human Trafficking. She criticized Senator Steve Hinebauch for not being in attendance.

• Unlike his opponent, Steve has a ranch and a business that requires him to work. In further reading the letter I find it interesting that the presenter said basically the same things Senator Hinebauch has been saying about human trafficking -- it is a community problem, not just a problem for law enforcement to handle, AND we need better laws. The law that is being thrown around is an edit of a law that was already on the books. The “new” edit added no positive changes, just cost MONEY.

• In visiting with Senator Hinebauch, I know he gets many calls from constituents year around regarding issues from A to Z. He has made untold phone calls to government agencies providing help to all the residents of SD18. I wonder how many remember to thank him for his efforts, even if the desired results are not apparent. As a citizen legislator, Steve continues to answer the call of our founding fathers in serving our state. Working hard to reduce our tax burden, safeguard our freedoms.

• Please do not let the distortions of his opponent mislead you.  Vote for Steve Hinebauch SD18.

Duane Mitchell,

Sidney, MT

Dear Editor

I spent 23 years in 7th grade math classrooms, so it is painfully obvious that I am terrible at basic arithmetic. However, I am able to clearly see the DIFFERENCES between our SD18 candidates.

Pat Mischel, for starters, will work with all stakeholders to find viable solutions to problems that affect eastern Montanans. Meanwhile, Steve H. simply voted no on almost every bipartisan bill brought to the senate floor. That means Democrats and Republicans came together to support these bills, but Steve H. was one of the few senators who voted against these bills. It seems like Steve H has no solution other than to vote NO.

What does a senator consider when voting on a bill? Steve H., by his own admission, seems mainly interested in winning the approval of his conservative associates as opposed to Pat, who will listen to what his constituents want and to the arguments presented by both sides and then cast his vote based on an informed decision.

Mr. H. has had his legislative buddies writing letters to this paper for him. Mr. Mischel, on the other hand, has local residents endorsing him.

What does this all ADD up to? From my perspective, it is simply that Pat Mischel should be elected as our next SD18 senator as he will work towards solutions that will help us here in eastern Montana.

Bruce A. Peterson, Glendive, MT

Dear Editor

I liked Pat’s Mischel ad where he said he would protect our senior citizens. This is in sharp contrast to Steve Hinebauch who voted against SB 145, which expanded senior citizen’s protection against elder abuse. I feel Pat Mischel will do a great job when he is elected to be our next senator. He has my support.

Betty Shearer,

Glendive, MT


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