A Resolution Supporting Law Enforcement


November 4, 2020 | View PDF

Richland County Commissioners issued a resolution, October 26, supporting Richland County law enforcement. The resolution is below.

Resolution No. 2020-17

Whereas, the role of law enforcement has profound importance for the safety and freedom of the people; and

Whereas, the duties of law enforcement repeatedly place officers in situations of high stress and danger requiring immediate decisions and actions; and

Whereas, like everyone else, law enforcement officers must be held accountable for their actions; and

Whereas, initial reports of allegedly wrong conduct by law enforcement officers later often turn out to be incomplete, erroneous, or exaggerated; and

Whereas, during 2020, the true faults of a few law enforcement officers and the distorted reports of alleged wrongdoing by other law enforcement officers have been used to foment an anti-law enforcement movement across the nation; and

Whereas, initiatives in many places in the nation to defund or disband law enforcement, or to replace law enforcement responses to incidents and calls for assistance with various forms of therapeutic responses, are foolish and dangerous to the safety and freedom of the people; and

Whereas, sacrifices up to and including the giving of life in the performance of duty by law enforcement officers are receiving shamefully little attention, respect, or honor from media, politicians, celebrities, and others;

Now, Therefore, It Is Hereby RESOLVED by the Board of County Commissioners of Richland County, State of Montana this 26th day of Oct., 2020, that it hereby expresses its support, appreciation, and respect for law enforcement in Richland County, the state of Montana, and the United States.


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