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PEMF Candee Land Offers Beneficial Services To MonDak Area


December 2, 2020 | View PDF

Tanya Candee performing PEMF on a horse. (Photo submitted)

For the past year, Tanya Candee, RN, BSN, has been offering pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) services to the Sidney area. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays she offers services at the Rouge LLC Day Spa, located on 118 S Central Ave., Sidney. She also offers at-home/farm visits. 

PEMF services have a wide variety of benefits. According to, clinical studies have proven that PEMF is capable of increasing circulation, decreasing inflammation, accelerating bone healing, enhancing muscle function, reducing the effects of stress, and improving blood oxygenation. PEMF technology emits electromagnetic waves at different frequencies in order to stimulate muscles and encourage a natural recovery process.

Candee not only provides PEMF services to people who are dealing with pain, but she also performs her services on animals. She said, "I travel to areas within a few hours of me to treat humans, horses, dogs, or whatever someone may need help with. If someone has livestock that they can't get in a shoot, or stand tied, I can work PEMF on it. I am not afraid to get dirty."

She also explained that, in case of an acute injury, she would be willing to board a horse/livestock during the time it is in need of daily sessions to recover. She said, "I can manage dressing changes and medications as recommended by a vet."

Candee sought out a PEMF Magna wave machine to heal her own chronic back and neck pain that she had been dealing with due to bulging discs. After experiencing beneficial results, she decided to share the benefits of PEMF with people who may be experiencing the same pain as she was. "It is a great aid for chronic pain, it has really helped me a lot. PEMF is giving me control back of my body, so I can take back my life. I love controlling pain instead of pain controlling me," added Candee.

She also offers in-home services. "If someone needs blood draws, med box set-up, or wound care in their home - that is something I am willing to do as well." 

In addition to this, she is advancing her education in wellness through a chiropractor, which will enable her to offer blood testing for food allergies, hormone panels, and immunity.

For more information on the services she provides or to book an appointment, check out her Facebook page: PEMF Candee Land and website:


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