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Sandy Christensen Retires After 30 Years At Richland County Clerk Of District Court


January 13, 2021 | View PDF

As of Dec. 31, Sandy Christensen retired from her position as treasurer of the Richland County Clerk of District Court. She worked in this position for 30 years. 

Her primary duty included handling county funds. “I handled all the money for the county and all the money for all the schools, irrigation district, and road department. We also billed out and collected all the taxes and licensed everybody’s vehicle,” said Christensen. 

She explained over the span of working at the Richland County Clerk of District Court, many things have changed. “What we do has not changed, just the way we get it done. For example, when I first started, the motor vehicle was not computerized so we had to type the registrations for people. It is just the technology that has really changed throughout all these years. The tax statements are the same way; those types of things have changed and are just easier to do electronically. Technology has really made doing these types of things quicker and easier,” added Christensen.

She also explained that she will really miss working with all of her great coworkers. She said, “It was so great to work here just because of the people I worked with and the customers that came in. I really enjoyed talking to everyone that would come in and I will miss visiting with people and helping out the different departments within the courthouse. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time working at the courthouse and I am going to miss it.”


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